6 digital workplace trends set to shake things up in 2020

In our rapidly changing and highly competitive economic climate, everyone is on the hunt for surefire ways to gain an advantage. Many look to technology for innovative solutions to overcome common challenges. Which future trends can you capitalize on in 2020 and beyond to set your business apart?

Let's get digital: Setting your enterprise up for success in 2020

Some of the key benefits associated with a strategic digital experience include an 87% retention increase, a 20% gain in employee satisfaction levels, and a 7% productivity boost, according to Deloitte. 

Despite these crucial benefits, a Dimensional Data survey found that 60% of enterprises lack a comprehensive strategy for how they plan to benefit from workplace technology.

The goal of any implementation initiative is to push your organization ahead of the curve, but the best strategies go beyond compiling disjointed tools. To steer an organization towards a certain future, enterprises must create an informed plan for their digital workplace that capitalizes on groundbreaking developments before they become mainstream.

6 digital workplace trends set to transform enterprise growth in 2020

Given the critical role an innovative digital workplace plays in propelling organizations forward, the time is now to prepare for the next wave of breakthroughs. Below, we explore six upcoming trends and discuss how a comprehensive intranet can ensure your enterprise outpaces the competition:

#1. Simplification is the name of the game

We live in the age of information overload, and it is having a devastating impact on performance and productivity. Constant streams of messages inhibit an individual's ability to process information, leading to the equivalent of a drop of 13 IQ points. A modern intranet helps organizations adopt a 'less is more' approach. Users choose who and what they follow, the feeds they opt-in to, and the types of updates they receive. 

Opt-in to the content you need

#2. Cybersecurity becomes mission-critical

IBM found that the average cost of a single breach is $3.92 million, with some costing more than $10 billion. A full-proof digital workplace strategy should include multiple protection measures, including MDMs for mobile security, permissions and users control for internal protection, two-step authenticator apps, and adherence to top tier credentials such as SOC 2 standards for Security, Availability, and Confidentiality and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Manage device settings easily

#3. Location-neutral work goes mainstream

A survey by the Society of Human Resources Management indicates that we are already in the midst of a skill shortage, as 83% of respondents experienced difficulty recruiting suitable candidates. Eliminating location as a barrier enables businesses to better source the skilled candidates they need to take their enterprise to the next level. The proliferation of remote working will only be possible with advanced digital tools that facilitate connectivity among geographically dispersed organizations. High-touch user profile directories, social media reactions, and open forums embedded within an intranet will pave the way for limitless collaborative work.

Make connecting people easy

#4. From mobile-minded to mobile-first

A survey from The Economic Intelligence Unit found that organizations taking a mobile-first approach already reap significant benefits, including a 16% improvement in productivity, a 23% rise in employee satisfaction, and 21% higher worker loyalty. Intranets with native iOS and Android applications ensure that all employees have access to the same digital experiences, regardless of their device of choice.

Mobile is the platform of the future

#5. Visual storytelling levels up internal comms

With Deloitte predicting that millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025, multi-media content is essential to engage users with an affinity for video and social networking. Research from HubSpot indicates that video is a must for employee engagement, as a survey shows that more than half of their users report consuming entire videos versus just 29% who read full blogs. Intranets with feature-rich intranet content management systems, webinars, and video how-tos can boost viewership throughout a multi-generational workforce.

Better engage with video

#6. The age of automation is upon us

According to Salesforce, 53% of service organizations are expected to use chatbots within 18 months, indicating a 136% growth rate. These tools drive productivity by setting meetings and reminders, seamlessly sourcing relevant information, and helping new hires get up to speed. Intranets already have a host of related capabilities, such as embedded chatbots, virtual search assistants, and automated workflows.

Chatbots automate and streamline processes

Intranets bring futuristic capabilities into the present

For many enterprises, the fear of being outpaced is already setting in. A Hewlett Packard sponsored study found that without new digital workplace technologies, nearly two-thirds of leaders believe their organization is at risk of falling behindAn evergreen intranet platform can pave the way for sustained innovation by offering every employee a customized digital toolbox designed to drive performance to new heights. 

Stay ahead of the times by upgrading your digital workplace now

If your business is interested in designing a future-proof solution, get in touch with one of our digital workplace experts today.

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