5 ways an intranet can support travel and transport challenges

From terror threats to financial recessions, the travel industry is no stranger to overcoming global disruption. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, industry leaders have the ultimate opportunity to step away from the status quo and launch agile strategies to thrive in the new world of work.

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Unpredictability paves the way for innovation

At the start of 2020, few would have predicted that a global health crisis would slow travel to a halt. Yet virtually overnight, international mobility decreased by 65% due to COVID-19. Despite this, our societies continue to depend on travel enterprises to maintain global supply chains and transport essential workers to where they are most needed.

Consequently, the question is not whether travel enterprises will have a future in the new world of work but rather what this future will look like. From the blurring of leisure and business travel due to the work-from-anywhere movement to a “safety above all else” mentality, consumer expectations are transforming the industry. What can leaders do now to build the foundation for the innovations that will set their enterprise apart?

5 challenges that travel industry leaders must prioritize

Between overcoming pandemic-induced disruptions and reimagining the customer journey, travel leaders have a lot on their agenda. While every challenge demands a tailored solution, next-generation intranet technology will be the common denominator that underpins successful innovation. When it comes to charting your enterprise’s path forward, key considerations may include:

#1. Thrive in the age of uncertainty

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that agile enterprises are best positioned to come out on top. In the face of disruption, does your organization have the tools and infrastructure needed to change course and adapt to the unexpected?

While we are past the initial shock that came with the onset of COVID-19, plenty of pandemic-induced uncertainty remains. When will travel return to pre-COVID-19 levels? What kind of recovery scenario can leaders expect? How can enterprises assure customers that they are operating in a safe environment?

Although the answers to many of these questions are currently unclear, leaders can use this time to lay the groundwork for more agile work practices. A reskilling hub on your organization’s intranet can serve as the ideal starting point for improved dexterity by centralizing webinars, guides, and explainer content.

#2. Take customer experience to the next level

With more than 80% of enterprises noting that they compete primarily on the basis of customer experience, an in-depth understanding of your client base is non-negotiable. But in a field as personalized as travel, how can enterprises get an accurate picture of what their customers are really looking for?

For most travel organizations, microsegmentation is likely to be the answer. By analyzing user behavior and targeting messages accordingly, your enterprise can build consumer trust. However, effective microsegmentation can only be achieved when your workforce has access to data platforms that are well-structured, updated, and secure.

If you’re looking to upgrade customer experience, data is your secret weapon. To maximize its efficacy, consider devising a portal or site that combines internal data such as bookings and searches with external figures like app analytics and travel restrictions.

#3. Get everyone on board with digital transformation

With COVID-19 as an accelerant, the demand for top-tier digital experiences is now at an all-time high. 80% of travel business leaders believe that proceeding with digital transformation activities is more important in light of COVID-19. However, employees need both the ability and desire to use emerging technology for digital transformation to prove impactful.

Getting your entire workforce on board with your transformation strategy starts by building a discussion about how technology will support your business goals. Regularly reviewing your organization’s digital narrative can more than double your workforce’s dexterity.

Turn to your internal comms team to start the conversation on digital transformation. Consider announcing your organization’s plans via a blog post or video and tailoring content based on your employees’ existing capabilities and attitudes.

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#4. Plant the seeds for game-changing partnerships

From mergers and acquisitions to complementary partnerships that fuel superior customer experiences, collaboration is slated to play a key role in every travel enterprise’s recovery strategy. The World Travel and Tourism Council is already taking advantage of this partnership mentality by launching a global program to help travelers identify organizations that meet public health standards.

In the future, airlines may choose to collaborate with complementary enterprises like global hotel chains for integrated consumer experiences that take satisfaction to the next level. To ensure a seamless experience for all parties, the right digital technology will prove essential. An extranet will make it easier than ever to share data and insights with third-party collaborators, while keeping confidential information secure.

#5. Win the next battle for talent

Given the ongoing uncertainties within the travel industry, some of the field’s top talents may be considering new opportunities. Since a highly skilled workforce is crucial for your enterprise’s recovery, many leaders may be wondering how to take full advantage of their employees’ skillsets and retain key players.

The secret to developing a strong talent strategy is linking talent to value. Your HR team should continuously reassess what skills and capabilities are most in-demand and re-shuffle talent accordingly. An HR hub on your intranet can enhance talent management by publicizing internal vacancies, streamlining performance evaluations, and making it easy to identify employees with in-demand intel.

Take employee engagement to new heights with a next-gen intranet

As travel enterprises evolve their strategy to thrive in the new world of work, digital technology is poised to underpin the most impactful recovery schemes. Get in touch with Unily today to discover your next-gen travel intranet software solution.

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