SharePoint administrators love Unily (and you should, too!) - 5 reasons why

When envisioning, designing and implementing a new Intranet it is all too easy to be focused on the exterior aesthetics and overlook those who will be managing the solution once it is launched and in active production use - so what can it do for SharePoint Administrators?


It is not uncommon for even large enterprises to have only one or two SharePoint administrators who are struggling to keep pace with the day-to-day operational demands of their existing Intranet solution. We designed Unily to help ease the burden of these under-appreciated, behind the scenes Intranet pros and make the operational running of an Intranet more focused on thoughtful content creation, user adoption and business productivity than break-fix support and completing basic technical tasks that shouldn’t concern them. So how does Unily help administrators?

It starts with the platform: Office 365

While this isn’t a direct benefit of Unily it is first worth mentioning the benefits of moving to the cloud for a SharePoint Administrator. If you are moving or have moved, to Office 365 then you can kiss goodbye to server maintenance. It is worth mentioning that Office 365 is not a requirement for Unily and it is also available for on-premises SharePoint Server Farm installations.

Unily features that assist the SharePoint Administrators

  1. Friendly Content Management System - Unily includes a Content Management System (CMS) that adds a user-friendly layer over of SharePoint that empowers those in a corporate Internal Communications role to be able to add and manage content without a technical background. By allowing content editors to be able to create a news article or blog in just two clicks, the burden is lifted away from IT and put directly in the hands of the content producers. The CMS also allows the Intranet Managers to effortless update the Intranet global navigation, add corporate apps and tools and other content in minutes with minimal training.
  2. Built in Analytics - Unily also includes a built-in analytics engine built for the same audience, allowing an at-a-glance review of key Intranet statistics such as: how many visitors, from where, when, using which devices and which pages were popular.
  3. No technical support required - All with no technical support required. If you don’t have to contact IT every time you need to get something basic done then you give them the gift of time, time that can be spend more productively.

Intranet 'As-a-service' subscription model benefits

  1. The added bonuses - Being an ‘Intranet as a Service’ Unily gives the added benefit of free product technical support from the provider and product upgrades. Experiencing an issue? Raise a ticket, send us an email or give us a call and then relax while we triage, diagnose and resolve any issues.
  2. Built in upgrades and features - Do announcements of new Office 365 features and technical advancements make your IT and support teams groan and ask questions such as how will this impact us? Will our custom solution work? How long do we have? Why not celebrate new platform features safe in the knowledge that the Unily team will weave them seamlessly into the very fabric of your Intranet and regularly, deploy new versions of Unily for you at no cost. New browser versions or devices? Don’t worry because you’re covered.


This all adds up to a reduced reliance on SharePoint Administrators to run your Intranet and allows them to focus on more strategic endeavors that can provide real value and move your business forward. By using a combination of providing relief from the most mundane support tasks and empowering business users to help themselves Unily has the power to ease resource constraints which will positively impact time pressure constraints, reduce support costs and bring smiles all around.

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