CMS. Intuitive content management for everyone.

Content is King, Queen and Dalai Lama and the success of your intranet relies on it. Unily’s Content Management system empowers non-technical users to create, upload and manage content with ease. An intuitive Pages, Grids and Widgets structure enables the creation of rich, dynamic multi-navigational sites that encourage content creators to consider new, creative ways of surfacing information.

Intranet content management system on a laptop

Feature-full. Intranet content management that's easier than ever.

Unily’s CMS is not just for content creation, it’s the central hub to manage and maintain the intranet. Packed with simple yet powerful administrative tools, users from across the business are able to own the intranet like never before.

Multilingual rich text editor in CMS


Ensure all users have the same ability to engage with your content in their native language with Unily’s award-winning multilingual experience. Using a combination of machine translated content and 1:1 translation editing for complete control, publishing language specific content is utterly effortless.

Homepage targeting in Unily CMS

Targeted Homepages

Different employees use your intranet for different purposes. Targeted homepages allow you to create tailored homepage experience, personalized to meet the needs of different groups. The result? A more compelling and relevant homepage experience for every employee, regardless of their brand, role or location.

Forms and workflows in Unily CMS

Forms and Workflows

Gather feedback and information from your workforce with ease with digital forms and automated workflows. Forms are mobile-friendly, so your staff can fill them out on-the-go, encouraging high response rates. Workflows automate the collection process, notifying the creator by email when new submissions are available.

Document and media management in Unily CMS

Document and Media Management

Easily upload and manage your documents and media files in the CMS and ensure they are easy to find on the front end. Attribute category tags so users can search the document library by category filters to find all the relevant documentation for a particular topic in seconds.

Unily responsive preview on mobile

Responsive Preview

Create dynamic page layouts that make an impact on any device. The responsive preview function lets you preview your pages on desktop, tablet and mobile devices to ensure your content can be consumed by everyone, no matter how they choose to view it.

Audience targeting in Unily CMS

Audience Targeting

Ensure your content reaches the intended audience with audience targeting. Attribute topic tags and assign audiences to enable content to appear on the news feeds of the people it matters to most.

Content is king. The key to success.

Content is undeniably the most important element of your intranet. Without fresh, relevant information to fuel the fire, engagement and interest will inevitably burn out. Our Customer Success team understand this better than anyone, having worked with hundreds of organizations to define effective content management strategies to drive adoption. As part of your Unily subscription, our team work with you to help you understand your content author governance, determining who will have permission to what content. We’ll then assist in training your content authors to ensure they are comfortable with the Content Management System and its capabilities, empowering them to take control of the intranet. As new features are released in the CMS, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will outline the features, explain the best user cases and guide your team to make the best of it.

Success services

Mandatory content. Compliance made simple.

Delivering essential communications can be challenging. Whether it's an important policy update or a key document, delivering it to the right people and ensuring they engage with it can be a compliance nightmare. Sure, you can send out an email but who’s to say anyone will actually read it and how can you prove they have? Mandatory content reads take the pain out of critical content delivery, allowing you to easily distribute and track important updates and key information straight from your intranet’s CMS.

For users, keeping track of the documents that need their attention is easy. Push notifications are received when new mandatory content becomes available and an intuitive ‘My Content’ list stores and keeps track of the documents yet to be read. If they forget to read a document before the assigned deadline? Their intranet functionality will be limited until they do. Simple.

Mandatory content notification on mobile and reading list on desktop

Unily subscription. Power any digital experience.

News, Blogs, Events, Videos, Announcements Included
Broadcast Center
Desktop and push notifications, email newsletters, template manager, audience management
Multi Sites and Site Templates Included
Workspaces Included
Share and Collaborate with External Users Included
Apps and Tools Included
Social Feeds Included
Content Management
Enterprise CMS with Version Control and Responsive Preview Included
Audience Targeting and User Personalization Included
Targeted Homepages Included
Multilingual Included
Mandatory Content Included
Web Forms and Workflows Included
Content Templates Included
Front End Content Creation Included
Document and Media Management
Bulk uploading, securable libraries, tagging
Custom Content Types Included
Social Channels (Public, Private and Secret) Included
Commenting, Custom Reactions, @Mentioning, #Hashtags Included
Organizational Charts Included
Blacklisted Words Included
Profanity Filter Included
Recommended Channels Included
People Directories
Skills, location, department, search
People Profiles
Contact information, bio, organizational chart, badges, connections, tasks
Badges and Kudos Included
Following Included
Recognition Included
Experience Management
User Experience Engine - build your own widgets, create custom content types, light developer experience, API integrations
Grid and Widget Page Builder Included
Audience and Device Segmentation Included
Real Time Reporting Included
Dashboard Widgets Included
Custom Dashboards Included
Adoption Reports Included
Out-of-the-box Intranet Included
Deployed in Weeks Included
Hosting – Cloud, Hybrid, On Premise Included
Roadmap Updates Included
Microsoft Gold Partner Included
Pay Per User Pricing Included
Award Winning UI Included
Enterprise Search Included
Single Sign On Included
Security Permissions
Security groups and roles, private pages, in-built inheritance
iOS and Android Apps Included
Branded App with MDM Integration Additional Fee
Dedicated Hardware Additional Fee
Office 365
Integration with SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Teams, Skype
SharePoint Included
OneDrive Included
Yammer Included
Teams Included
Skype Included
Box Additional Fee
Workday Additional Fee
API Integrations Additional Fee
Unily Success
Exclusive network designed to drive maximum user adoption and business value
Success Portal Included
Community Events Included
Exclusive Content Included
Knowledge Base Included
Onboarding Program Included
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Included
Monthly Adoption Reports Included
24/7 Support Included
Online Ticket Tracking Included
Design Service Included
Jive Migrations JUMP - Jive to Unily Migration Program Included
Other Intranet Provider Migrations
Additional Fee
ISO 27001:2013 Certification Included
SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) Certification Included
GDPR Compliant Included
Continuous Backups Included
IP Restriction Management Included
Penetration Tested and Certified Included
Intrusion Detection System Included
Data Domicile Options Included
Data Encryption Included
  • Included
  • Additional Fee

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Unily has worked with customers from all verticals to develop unique digital experiences that transform communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. Every project we take on is another opportunity to demonstrate the agility of the product and the reliability of our established success framework.


With a diverse mix of support staff, security guards, groundsmen and coaches split across three sites, the club needed a simple way to modernize the flow of information to every employee, while improving processes and streamlining tools. A ready-to-go intranet platform was the answer in the shape of Unily, the first of its kind for Saints.

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NFU Mutual

With its intranet jam-packed with old, disused content and a limited search function, NFU Mutual chose to revamp its intranet from top to bottom to support the complex requirements of its modern digital workplace.

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NFU Mutual

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is the leading cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry. To stay innovative in a competitive climate, and maintain the employee engagement, they chose to invest in smarter digital workplace technology. Their Unily intranet combines Ellie Mae’s high tech nature with their strong core values; perfectly reflecting their brand, while providing a powerful solution to fuel employee passion and experience.

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Ellie Mae

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