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Encouraging cross-team collaboration is pivotal in getting your employees to generate new ideas, and ensure the same problem isn't solved twice. Most staff will at some point during their working day be collaborating with others, so having the right tools and platform in place to facilitate this is vital, without being a cumbersome technical barrier to getting things done smoothly. Unily provides you with intuitive and flexible spaces to bring together resources, documents and social activity that give your staff everything they need to collaborate across projects and communities with ease.

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Easy, organized access. To the sites you need to work together.

Bringing new communities together starts at making them accessible to everyone. Unily provides an organized Workspaces menu which gives you flexibility over how you want to structure your communities and teams. Bring together security trimmed communities, SharePoint sites, Unily sites and followed sites in a way that works for you. Workspaces are supported with their own unique search functionality too, making it easy for users to track down the site they need.

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Social communities to drive innovation

Social networking can go much further that just allowing for likes and comments on corporate communications, it can be used to support communities and groups across the intranet, providing a space for dynamic conversations alongside static resources. On Unily, employees can come together across locations, teams and roles and join online communities or Tribes. Each of these Tribes are supported by their own social channel, pulled directly from Yammer or Unily social. This gives employees access to engage in conversations around a particular topic, without having to navigate to the central social feed.

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Private sites to innovate with peers

To get tasks done, your employees need a space to come together and work. Whether they’re based in a single office or spread across the continent. Unily Sites offer the flexibility to privatize Sites, enabling teams to come together to manage projects. Private Sites give you the option to bring together an array of widgets that allow employees to share documents and resources, discover knowledge, discuss, connect and assign and complete tasks. Your site can feature a combination of pre-determined widgets or custom ones to embed a particular feed or feature, making them truly unique to your project.

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Our Clients. Collaboration success stories.

Streamlining how people work together leads to quicker results, lower costs and better ideas. Your intranet is an essential tool to promote better collaboration, giving colleagues online spaces to work together, discuss ideas and get work done. Read our customer success stories to learn how our clients utilize Unily for simple global collaboration.


With the company growing and highly successful, Fortnum wanted to take this to the next level, implementing efficient and cost-effective digital workplace technology to unite their business, future-proofing their ability to find, share and learn from each other


Access to the right knowledge is business critical for Penspen employees, who provide customised engineering and project management services to the oil and gas industry to develop and rehabilitate energy assets across the entire project lifecycle. With a legacy intranet based on SharePoint 2010 unable to keep up with their requirements, they chose a Unily intranet for more flexibility, supporting a solid central platform for knowledge management.


Global manufacturing organization dorma+kaba gave their users a united intranet platform that catered to 17,000 multilingual and diverse users. Read their case study to learn more about how Unily allows dorma+kaba to innovate from within using social networking and how they increased internal communications readership by 800%.

How to put your intranet at the center of your digital workplace. Download the guide.

Using your intranet as the gateway to your digital workplace can bring about huge collaboration benefits, bringing information, people and resources together to simplify how people work together. Download our guide to get to grips with the digital workplace, with guidance on how to start and what you could achieve.

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