Combatting Zoom fatigue with an intranet

In episode 15 of the Unily Podcast we're tackling Zoom fatigue and discussing how you can rely on technology like an intranet to make life easier on employees and combat burnout.

How to combat Zoom fatigue with an intranet

The Unily podcast team have set their sights on Zoom fatigue, a growing challenge facing hybrid workforces that rely on video conferencing tools and technology in general to collaborate and connect with colleagues.

How can we better cope as employees with the 'always on' mentality of hybrid work, and which technology holds the key to combatting Zoom fatigue? Find out all the answers in this podcast covering:

  • How technology can help reduce the number of video meetings
  • Turning to the intranet to share and deliver information outside of meetings
  • Other ways colleagues can connect and interact digitally
  • The rapid increase of video meetings in the hybrid workplace
  • The cognitive burden of Zoom meetings
  • How to plan your calendar around video meetings

So what's the answer to solving Zoom fatigue? Join us to learn more about how you can reduce the burden employees face in the hybrid workplace and turn to the intranet to combat Zoom fatigue.

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