Future of internal communications 2021+

Internal communications as we once knew it has changed forever. COVID-19 has accelerated the strategic importance of internal comms as businesses strive to manage huge change shifts and keep employees engaged through times of intense disruption. To help you navigate the new, unpredictable landscape and leverage new opportunities in sight, we've put together a panel of experts from around the globe to gather insights on how to take 2021 by storm.

What does the future of internal communications look like?

When the only constant is change, the only way is agility. Now more than ever, businesses are leaning on their internal communications teams to help solve their most pressing challenges. With internal communications at the forefront of the battle for business continuity, the pressure is on to devise a strategy for engaging employees in 2021 and beyond.

Learning from other's failures and successes is the best way to navigate the new landscape. So we've put together a panel of industry experts and enterprise internal communicators on the front line, to discuss the new wave of internal communications and the strategies that are powering the future of work. Our panel will look back at the past year to pick out the areas that internal comms teams should specifically focus on in 2021 and set out a vision for the future of post-pandemic internal communications.

On the agenda:

  • The changing role of internal communications: how to leverage strategic importance to increase the efficacy of internal comms
  • Employee needs: how have employee needs changes and what are employees asking of their internal comms teams? 
  • Engaging the frontline: how can we support frontline employees, keeping them safe, informed, and engaged through a period of intense disruption? 
  • Technology: what should our tech landscape look like? What tools can we lean on to drive efficiency and how can we optimize our intranets to overcome BIG challenges?
  • Culture: exploring emerging cultural challenges around diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing; who are the culture custodians, and what role does internal comms play in advancing cultural aims?

Who is the webinar for?

Increasingly, the effectiveness of internal comms is a cross-departmental concern and responsibility. IT is responsible for implementing the right technology to support digital communications; HR is invested in keeping employees aligned and engaged, while communicators themselves learn to adapt to new practices and environments.

This webinar is for anyone seeking to optimize the efficacy of internal communications as a route to drive positive culture and support engagement throughout every workforce segment. 

Meet the expert panel

Kerry Christopher - Vice President of Internal Communications at Cardinal Health

Kerry is the vice president of internal communications at Cardinal Health, where he leads a team of communications professionals focused on improving business results through two-way communication. Cardinal Health is an American multinational healthcare services company that employs ~50k employees, many operating on the frontline. Kerry has been at the forefront of both the healthcare crisis and the changing role of internal communications, making him ideally placed to offer insights on navigating disruption.

Jennifer Sproul - Chief Executive at Institute of Internal Communications

Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge on broad internal communications trends as well as best-practice strategy advice to the panel. She is responsible for the leadership of IoIC, the only independent professional body solely dedicated to internal communication. IoIC is the voice of internal communication, setting standards for more than 70 years through qualifications, career development, thought leadership, and best practice.

Ben Reynolds - Managing Director at Gallagher Communication

Ben Reynolds leads Gallagher’s specialist employee communication practice – a 150-strong global team of talented consultants, creatives, data analysts, and digital experts, united with a mission to change the way people feel about work by elevating all aspects of the employee experience. During his 20 years in the creative communication industry, Ben’s passion for using internal communication to transform organizational performance has helped a wealth of companies engage their employees with topics such as financial wellbeing, employee value proposition, and organizational strategy.

Matthew Boyd - Product Evangelist at Unily

Matthew is Unily’s own product evangelist, working closely with the success and marketing teams to share Unily's vision with customers and prospects alike.

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