Ask an IC expert: The reunion

At Unite 22, we bought together a panel of some of the best internal communications practitioners to answer your trickiest questions and solve your biggest challenges. Now, back by popular demand, they’re reuniting to resolve your unanswered questions and give you the advice you need to adapt your strategy to exceed expectations.

A new-found focus on internal communications

In an ever-changing landscape, internal communicators have been pivotal in directing the business through new phases and working environments. Now, the focus has turned to making sure that employees remain happy, optimistic, and engaged throughout their new working experience – no matter where they are based. In this new world of work, we're learning together. And this panel is designed to bring new strategies and tactics to the fore to help you navigate a changing world armed with the insights to succeed. 

In the last session, our experts covered a range of topics including:

  • How you can truly measure the ROI of internal comms
  • Creating an equitable employee experience by removing the emerging divide between frontline and desk-based workers
  • Tried-and-true methods for getting users to engage more with intranet content
  • Tips for engaging employees with "boring" topics

Unite 22 - Ask an IC expert

Seize the opportunity to get your questions answered by top internal communications practitioners and advisors. Come prepared with your trickiest questions and biggest challenges and get the answers you need to supercharge your strategy for the next chapter of work.

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On the agenda

With over 45 questions asked in the last session, there was no way our panellists could get around to answering them all within the allotted time. So, in this webinar, they have come back together to answer some of the most upvoted, unanswered questions from last time including:

  • The evolution of internal comms: How is IC evolving as a function and what new roles are expected for the future?
  • Comms overload: How can you handle employees that do not engage with comms due to being overwhelmed?
  • A messaging influx: How can you cut through the noise when it comes to internal messaging, while also maintaining a two-way communication method with employees?
  • The hybrid workforce: After moving to a hybrid working model, how can you continue to engage employees with internal comms and events?

There will also be time to answer new questions posed live by you. So, come prepared with your trickiest challenges and get the advice you need to supercharge your strategy.

Meet your expert panel

Rosemary Jean-Louis - Vice President Communications & Engagement Manager at Truist

Rosemary is a purpose-driven internal communications & engagement and content management leader. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the panel and has added value to companies by developing and delivering compelling content for internal communications, intranets, townhalls and learning programs that improve employee engagement, knowledge, and workplace satisfaction.

Marc Whittingham - Internal Communications & Engagement Lead at Holland & Barrett

Marc has over 17 years of experience designing and delivering award-winning communication and engagement strategies, resulting in measurable improvements to colleague engagement and business performance.

Charlotte Mulliner - Director, Corporate Affairs at Prudential

Charlotte is a creative communications specialist with 15 years of expertise in conceptualizing, producing, and managing unique, market-leading content strategies and communications channels for a portfolio of global and regional clients. Charlotte has a strong background in content marketing and internal communications, with a particular flair for the digital world.

Chris Andrew - Strategy Director at Caburn Hope

Chris has been working in employee engagement before it was even a thing. He has a passion for brand, driving behavioral change, and using effective communication to help influence the future of work. He has provided guidance across the employee lifecycle to senior leaders for a wide range of organizations, including Barclays, BT, Boots, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, eBay, O2, Pfizer, and Unilever.

Kaz Hassan – Product Manager at Unily

Kaz is an experienced Product Manager and digital workplace consultant at Unily. A regular speaker at Unily Masterclasses and co-host of Unite, Kaz helps the product team take innovative ideas from our roadmap, employees, market research, and customer community and bring them all the way through to delivery in the Unily platform for our enterprise clients. 

Who should attend?

You don't have to be an internal communicator to get value from this session. This webinar is for anyone that wants to learn how to deliver effective employee communications, get tips on how to engage their workforce through change, and discover how to cut through the noise to drive employee engagement in the long run. Whether you're working in HR, IT, Internal Comms or as a business leader, this is your opportunity to interrogate some of the greatest minds in internal communications and get the answers you need to optimize your strategy.

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