The digital workplace: can your intranet do more to drive engagement?

Where should you be investing in technology to drive employee engagement​? In our latest seminar, we’ll debate the best strategy to drive employee engagement with technology for a more agile, flexible and transparant workplace.

With a more mobile, digitally demanding workforce, greater corporate transparency and surveys indicating a trend of growing employee dis-engagement, it is no wonder that business leaders see employee engagement as an organisational challenge for 2016. Technology is not the problem. It can, for the informed business, be part of the solution.​

The digital workplace: How can your intranet do more to drive employee engagement?

The buzz around Digital Workplaces Vs. The Intranet is rife: but where should you be investing in digital to drive employee engagement? In our latest seminar, we’ll get to grips with the Digital Workplace trend and debate whether your intranet can support your initiatives more than ever before. With Q&As, panel discussions and case studies from our enterprise clients, we'll get to the bottom of how to get the most out of your technology for a more agile, flexible and transparent workplace.

In our seminar we'll be answering:

  • What defines a digital workplace and can it drive employee engagement more than ever before?
  • Where does your intranet fit into this new digital strategy?
  • How can the right technology such as SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 support your initiatives now and in the future?
  • Customer Q&A – How is one of our enterprise clients promoting employee engagement within their organisation, using their intranet to drive its success?
  • Employee Engagement Panel Q&A – Hear from industry experts on some of the biggest employee engagement issues. Get advice, information and ask your burning questions.
  • Strategy session - Where do you go from here? Whether you already have an intranet solution or you're about to start a new collaboration project. How do you ensure you're making the right decisions?

Whether you’re happy with your current intranet and want to take it to the next level of digital workplace or you’re planning a new intranet project, this seminar will ensure you’re clued up on the important industry trends and practical advice to drive engagement in the era ​​​​​of digital workplace.​​​

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