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We're taking our exclusive Intranet Masterclass online for New York, NY. Learn how to supercharge employee experience with an intranet at our FREE virtual seminar.

Become an EX leader

Enterprises that invest in employee experience are 4x more profitable than those that do not. Experiential organizations get ahead because they recognize that great customer experience is the product of great employee experience.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

Simon Sinek

In a tight labor market, employee experience is the key to attracting, nurturing and retaining talent. Now is the time to equip yourself with the knowledge to drive positive experiences for your enterprise.


Experience vs. engagement

Despite massive expenditure on engagement initiatives, employee engagement remains a challenge for enterprises worldwide. The reason: it's no longer enough to focus on engagement alone. 

Enterprises that are seeing a real return on investment are those that have turned their focus toward overall employee experience. By making strategic investments in culture, physical environment and technology, these enterprises are transforming their workplace experiences and driving peak performance.

An experiential organization is a place where people want to show up and not where people need to show up.

Jacob Morgan

Supercharge employee experience with a modern intranet

In this masterclass, we'll show you how your intranet can become the cornerstone of your EX strategy. Learn how to fuel culture, build trust, and power innovative ways of working with a centralized digital workplace.

When it comes to employee experience, an intranet isn’t just a tool to communicate engagement initiatives with employees, it’s a vital component of their working environment. Today, an intranet is far from a non-essential information repository, it's the epicenter of a company's digital workplace.

What will you learn?

Unily works with the biggest brands across every continent and vertical to elevate employee experience with a combination of cutting-edge digital workplace technology and tried-and-tested strategy. Our world-class consultants have helped the world's biggest brands bring their EX visions to life including: McDonald's, Shell and L'Oréal. This masterclass is an opportunity to apply their best practice to your initiative.

  • Discover best practice for driving employee experience with an intranet
  • See what leading brands are doing with digital workplace technology to drive engagement
  • Explore the art of the possible with the latest intranet innovations
  • Uncover key trends and the latest research in the field of EX
  • Network with a community of like-minded peers from leading enterprises
  • One-on-one time with the Unily team – get your questions answered

Who should attend?

This masterclass is designed for anyone interested in using digital workplace technology to elevate their employee experience. Our agenda has been carefully curated to include insight from Internal Communications, HR and IT perspectives. We recognize that you are the people driving employee experience forward and it is by blending your expertise that we can achieve amazing results.

Join the 3k+ enterprise executives who have used Unily's #IntranetMasterclass to take their jobs by storm.

Introduction Intranets and employee experience: an overview 09:30 AM
Vision Setting out a business vision that everyone buys into 09:45 AM
Culture Establishing a culture that drives performance 10:15 AM
Break 10:45 AM
Productivity Uncover the value of an integrated intranet experience 11:00 AM
User Experience Bring consumer-grade experiences to the enterprise 11:30 AM

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