Unily’s brand new forms: streamline processes, engage users and inspire change

Unily’s Employee Experience Platform has been designed from the ground up to enable businesses to engage their people and be more productive using cutting-edge technology. With a brand new best-in-class form building capability, Unily’s Employee Experience Platform can now deliver an even more engaging and even more transactional set of digital experiences for all your users.

What our forms upgrade delivers to your enterprise

Content management

In fast-paced modern enterprises, creating amazing digital content must be quick and easy. Unily’s new forms capability delivers on that requirement through an intuitive drag and drop builder for rapid form creation. Drag and drop elements onto a page to build smarter and highly configurable forms in minutes. Simplify business processes, improve user experiences and save your people and business valuable time. 

Unily forms content management

Flexible configuration

Your content creators need forms that really put the power in their hands. With a wealth of configuration options, Unily’s new forms deliver the flexibility and control you need while remaining intuitive and simple to use. Configure forms approval workflows, field validation and conditional fields, as well as the ability to easily break complex forms down into sections and pages. With all this and so much more, no form is too hard to handle in Unily’s Employee Experience Platform. 

Unily forms flexible configuration


Unily prioritizes best-in-class user experience and gives you absolute control over form design. Unily’s forms allow you to focus completely on the perfect user journey – quickly and easily construct simple or complex forms using layout elements and pages. Rest assured that every form and every page on Unily is mobile responsive, so your audience will enjoy a seamless user experience, increasing both your engagement and conversion scores. 

Unily forms design

Smarter forms

Forms in Unily’s Employee Experience Platform are seamlessly connected to your existing data making them smarter than any form you have used before. Any form you create can recognize your users and carry out actions such as pre-load answers for them, saving them time by doing away with needless duplication or data entry. In addition, forms are also woven into Unily’s comprehensive notification engine, making managing approvals and tracking submissions in real-time a breeze. 

Analyze responses 

Focus on the bigger picture by accessing key forms performance in context directly within Unily’s CMS. Alternatively, visit your analytics dashboard to see a visual representation of how all your forms are performing. Unily gives you options by offering more ways to report on the results of your forms – it’s entirely up to you how you want to manage your conversions and work towards essential KPIs. 

Unily forms analytics


Unily allows you to manage permissions on every piece of content, including our exciting new forms, directly within your CMS. That means that you have powerful security controls, so you can select exactly who you want to have access to create your forms across different libraries, and who you want to manage and approve any submissions. Our comprehensive security will allow organizations to take advantage of cutting-edge forms while adhering to even the most stringent data privacy rules and regulations. 

Develop and integrate 

Unily’s forms offer limitless flexibility by enabling your developers to design and build bespoke form fields that can serve any enterprise scenario. In addition, our powerful Unily Connect integration framework means that any form submission in Unily can be securely passed into any compatible third-party application. Simplify even your most complex business processes and improve user experiences by designing engaging forms in Unily that connect with all your business-critical systems. 

Start engaging your users with smart forms 

Find out how Unily's new forms could benefit your enterprise by speaking to one of our consultants or arranging a demo today.

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