Improving your marketing operation with an intranet

With Marketing departments managing various complex campaigns at a time, even the most prudently thought-out plan can be disrupted.

With ever changing tasks and goal-posts, it’s important marketing teams, especially global ones, are able to organise and manage themselves efficiently, enabling them to react swiftly to in-the-moment news and activities. An intranet can play a big part in the overall effectiveness of an organisation but more specifically, can work wonders to keep a marketing department running smoothly.

Your marketing apps right at your fingertips.

Marketers have a wide-ranging choice of external applications that are used to support activity, whether it’s a social media tool or a press release service. With global teams, it helps to have a central launch pad to access all of these applications. This helps to not only explain to the global team how each tool can be used, but also to advise on when and where each tool should be used. Your intranet is the perfect place to provide a directory of applications or even to integrate applications directly into the intranet using an API. This will help to improve efficiency, share best practise and transparency across your teams.

Internal communication keeps everyone on the same page

Poor internal communication can hinder any marketing department who are working to time-sensitive deadlines. It’s frustrating when opportunities are missed because the right people weren’t brought into the conversation at the right time. An intranet can provide the base for internal communication for a global team, providing a central feed of the latest news such as new client wins or new product releases to keep everyone on the same page. Social networking capabilities on your intranet enrich this experience further, enabling team members from across borders to discuss and work on projects collaboratively. This helps to drive innovation from within and helps your marketing team to respond to time-sensitive initiatives sooner. Notifications can also be added to your intranet, as they are on Unily, which alert users to news that’s relevant to them.

Centralised assets to maintain brand consistency

Marketing teams are faced with the challenging task of ensuring brand consistency across multiple departments, regions and languages. An intranet allows for centralised storage of brand assets. Unily gives managers the ability to control and restrict usage of documents allowing access to authorised employees only. Your intranet can also offer guidance on how your brand assets should be used. By incorporating internal social networks within your intranet, you can allow brand guardians and experienced colleagues to share guides and best practices for unexperienced employees. Read more on managing brand assets via your intranet.

External access to bring external agencies into the fold

No marketing team is an island, often working with external partners and agencies. An intranet helps you to take advantage of external expertise and resources in more collaborative and structured way. With Azure AD, Unily allows internal teams to grant-governed access to external users without the need for a company email domain. Allowing your external printers or design agency access to the files, they need, reducing the precious time you spend emailing links and logos. Read more on how Unily helps you to collaborate with external users.

Connecting marketing to the wider business

The intranet can also be the perfect place to communicate successes and achievements from the marketing team, helping other employees across the business to understand the importance of marketing to the job they do. The same is also true for every team across an organisation, as the intranet can help to give each department a face. With Unily, this can be done through custom Sites which can be managed by any member of the team but can also be done through internal communications with the wider business.

To learn more on how Unily can support your marketing team, get in touch with us to arrange a demo.


Katy Smith Marketing Manager

Katy’s role may not be customer facing, but her work is usually what new clients see first. If it’s beautifully presented, informative, and has a BrightStarr logo on it, she’s normally been involved. Her role is broad, but Katy is a determined go-getter who makes things happen. She looks after the marketing team in the UK, marketing strategy for both sides of the Atlantic, and develops both the BrightStarr and Unily brands. Tactically, that means her team controls everything from ensuring the site comes up in internet search results, to the look and feel of your consultant’s business card.

Katy came from a fashion background, obtaining her degree from Leeds University and via interning at a major women’s magazine, and now applies that same finesse to the BrightStarr brand identity.

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