Everything Everywhere win Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design Award 2012

We are thrilled to announce that Everything Everywhere have been awarded the Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design Award 2012.

Everything Everywhere Win Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design Award 2012

Everything Everywhere established its place in the competition for its innovative, user centric and beautifully designed corporate wide intranet that successfully supported the integration of two of the UK's largest communications companies.

The new intranet was envisaged as being the major channel through which all staff would be kept fully informed about the integration of the two companies (Orange and T-Mobile). The intranet would provide thousands of employees with a single, centralized source of information and a place to find people skills and expertise.

The success of the project was confirmed when the 2012 Annual Neilson Norman Intranet Design Awards were announced, and the system was named in the year’s 10 best intranets and trends in Intranet design and usability. The solution has also been very well received at EE, and is hugely popular across the organization.

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