8 reasons you need to attend Unite 21

Unite 21 is the only employee experience conference you need to attend in 2021. Get ready for 3 half-days that push virtual event delivery to the MAX with interactive keynotes, breakouts, and roundtables streaming live online from London and New York. No pre-recorded sessions. Ever. Get inspired with keynotes from Louis Theroux, Johnson & Johnson, and more. Get into the flow with yoga sculpt and HIIT workouts. Game on.

Unite 21 - Unily's employee experience conference

The only employee experience conference you need to attend in 2021

Unite 21 is an online immersive experience that pushes virtual event delivery to the MAX with interactive keynotes, breakouts, and roundtables streaming live from London and New York. Whether you’re based in one of our host cities or not, every Unite 21 attendee will have the opportunity to learn from leading employee experience experts. Over the course of three half-days, we're bringing thought leaders together for an interactive conference that will help you make your visions a reality. 

8 reasons to attend Unite 21

What makes Unite 21 the best employee experience conference? There are several reasons why our virtual event should earn a spot on your calendar.

#1. Glimpse the future of employee experience

We’re approaching a new chapter in workplace experience that will be hallmarked by hybrid offices, next-generation technology, and the rise of the employee voice. The leaders of tomorrow are the organizations that are building strong foundations today. At Unite 21, attendees will walk away with a blueprint for how to succeed in the new world of work. From leveraging digital technology to connect dispersed teams to launching enterprise initiatives designed to empower and engage, we’re covering every element of the future of employee experience.

#2. Network with like-minded peers

Innovation can’t happen in a vacuum. We know that bringing people together is the best way to generate ideas that will shape tomorrow’s workplaces. In addition to learning from our keynote speakers and panelists, Unite is an opportunity to share knowledge with your peers. Breakout sessions and dedicated topic discussions give everyone the opportunity to expand their network and exchange ideas with like-minded colleagues. Meet your counterparts from across the globe, exchange ideas, and build your professional network. 

#3. Learn from industry leaders

Unite 21 attendees can expect a packed agenda filled with some of the world’s leading minds and renowned speakers. We have built a program comprised of experts in internal communications, HR, and IT so there’s an industry leader that aligns with your interests. While we’re not spilling the details on every speaker featured in our star-studded conference just yet, there are some sessions that are just too good to keep secret. Don’t miss our keynote speaker, leading documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux, who will be discussing human connection in the digital era.

#4. Join a transatlantic knowledge exchange

Since geography isn’t a limiting factor, we’re bringing you the best from both sides of the pond. Unily experts from London and New York will host sessions during Unite 21 for the first-ever transatlantic knowledge exchange dedicated to unpacking the employee experience trends shaping the future of work.

#5. Dive deep into key topics

Whether you’re interested in exploring the future of internal communications or learning more about remote onboarding, there’s going to be a topic for every attendee. With a mix of internal communications, HR, and IT angles, expect to walk away with targeted insights that you’ll be able to put into practice almost immediately.

#6. Participate in the next generation of virtual events

Zoom fatigue isn’t a reason to miss Unite 21. We’re leveraging the best of digital technology to take virtual conferencing to the next level. Expect interactive sessions, workouts, breakout rooms with peers in similar roles and industries, and plenty of opportunities to share your ideas and engage with our community.

#7. Answer your most pressing questions

There’s no such thing as a silent audience at Unite. Every attendee will have the opportunity to speak directly with our Unily team and get their questions answered by the product experts that bring our employee experience platform to life. If there’s something you’re curious about or a problem you’re struggling to solve, Unite 21 is the time to get the answers you’ve been looking for.

#8. Gain inspiration from our own community

We’ll have some very special speakers at Unite 21, including members of our own customer community. Leaders from renowned brands will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their own digital workplace journey. Expect to hear from stakeholders at Johnson & Johnson, Baker Hughes, and more.

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