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Go beyond the box

Unily is primed to solve enterprise challenges straight out-of-the-box, but you have the power to configure and shape your platform to meet any use case with our Feature Store, developer framework, and access to Unily's secure APIs.


A FEATURE STORE WITH 100s of Community-driven Widgets

Unily's market-leading Feature Store makes expanding your employee experience platform easy. A consumer app store-model gives non-developers the power to add new features and integrations in minutes, many of which come from community-driven ideation.

Feature store

PRE-CONFIGURED Site & Page Templates

The Feature Store is packed with pre-canned site and content templates covering a range of use cases, all ready to be deployed at the click of a button.


Unite your applications


Integrate your enterprise technology into Unily in minutes with plug-and-play installation from the Feature Store. Streamline access to information and make the most from existing investments with a host of integrations with leading apps and tools.


Install urgent features

Install experiences in a flash

Adapt to change rapidly with pre-canned capabilities. Install ideation portals, FAQ portals, and location directories to expand functionality and meet changing needs in a heartbeat. 

Unily's Feature Store

Custom Content Types

Meet any requirement with custom content types that let you configure and define based on your enterprise needs. No coding necessary.


Extensibility Framework

Go beyond the box with an extensibility framework that gives you the data, configuration, and developer tools to empower your developers with all the tools they need to extend your platform to meet unique use-cases.

Microsoft 365 intranet integrations

Developer Sandbox

Staging environments give developers a space to play. Build and test new capabilities that mirror your live platform, allowing you to securely develop new sites with real data.


Developer Training & Guides

Universe, Unily’s customer community portal, equips your developers with all the training, guides, live sessions, and access to experts they need to support your digital transformation.


DIRECT Access to Analytics Data

Create bespoke analytics dashboards that report on what you care about most with direct access to your data. Draw analytics from across your employee experience platform into data visualization tools for unified dashboard reporting.

Microsoft 365 with an intranet guide pages

Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint with an intranet

Discover how an intranet can help you get the most value from your Microsoft 365 investment.

Clients. Level up employee experience with Unily.

The platform trusted by the largest workforces to deliver world-class employee experience.

Biogen keeps patients and physicians front and center in its daily work. With more than 7k employees across 40 countries all working together to research and develop medicines to transform neuroscience, collaboration truly lies at the heart of the company.

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Biogen case study on mobile

Oil and gas giant Shell required a solution to power engagement and productivity across their 135,000 global employees. As the sixth-largest company in the world, the solution needed to reflect the utmost quality in terms of design and delivery.

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Shell intranet on mobile

dormakaba's award-winning intranet story is an amazing example of what is possible with Out-of-the-Box intranet solutions. In just 6 weeks, the security giant was able to launch a feature-rich social intranet that was ready to support 16,000 global employees through a period of extreme change brought about by a historic merger.

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dormakaba homepage on mobile phone
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