The features your people know and love

Connect people with @mentioning, #hashtags, commenting, following, and social reactions that breathe life into your comms and give every employee a voice. Share images and videos from any device, and translate posts in one click.

Unily social features

Public and private channels

Fuel community and innovation with social channels segmented by topic, department, or project. Keep discussions focused and let communities thrive.

Innovate with social channels

Give everyone an identity with user profiles

Putting a face to a name is easy with user profiles that let people establish their professional identity complete with skills and experience. Org charts provide an at-a-glance view of organizational structure.

Unily user profiles

Pass the mic with user generated content

Intuitive blogging features and front-end content creation let your people share their stories and take an active role in comms. Upload videos and images to enrich content, and let people share insights from any device.

User generated content

Recognize and reward with kudos and badges

Fuel a culture of recognition with custom badges that celebrate your people and their successes. Incentivize competition with leaderboards, and let your employees thank each other with peer-to-peer recognition.

Unily gamification

Unite conversations with social integrations

Take advantage of plug-and-play integrations with 3rd party apps to unite every conversation happening throughout your digital workplace. Instantly share news and insights to Yammer, Slack, and Teams so no one misses a beat.

Share with social integrations

Unlock innovation with ideation

Turn your intranet into a home for ideas with a pre-built ideation hub. Give employees a way to submit new ideas and use social features like commenting, upvoting, and leaderboards to keep track of what's popular.

Clients. Level up employee experience with Unily.

Enhancing employee experience comes down to giving your workforce exactly what they're looking for. By launching a next-generation intranet that is custom-fit to your enterprise's needs and use cases, you will lay the foundation maximal engagement.

Discover how Dynacare launched ConneXe, a collaboration-focused intranet that has underpinned ambitious growth plans and earned the healthcare enterprise top honors at Nielsen Norman.

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Dynacare intranet homepage on mobile

Flight Centre has been offering advice and making travel arrangements for customers since 1982. 36 years on, they are one of the world’s largest and most successful independent travel retailers. Discover how they powered productivity for 19,000 employees with an intranet built on Unily's Digital Experience Cloud.

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The Hershey Company is one of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers. Our video case study grants you behind the scenes access to Hershey's operation, where you can discover how a Unily intranet supports their global workforce in delivering the highest quality goods and service to customers around the world.

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Hershey's homepage on mobile phone
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