Communications features to set your strategy alight

Deliver a communications experience that lives up to employee demands with a rich feature-set designed to take your content further.

Internal communications tool

News, Announcements, Events

Share news, deliver critical announcements, and drive event attendance with rich communications in any language, on any device. Level-up engagement with rich media and native video.

Sharing news on intranet

Target, personalize, track engagement

Ensure your content hits home with audience segmentation, content targeting, and real-time analytics. Give users the ability to personalize their experience to suit their preferences.

Targeting content to audiences

Make your comms go further

Send alerts, push notifications, and email newsletters directly from the Broadcast Center. Use pre-configured templates to quickly create targeted e-blasts that dynamically populate with relevant content.

Unily Broadcast Center

Simplify compliance with mandatory content

Get critical updates into the hands of every employee with mandatory content. Set deadlines for completion and track progress with audit logs.

Send mandatory content on intranet
Internal communications strategy flat pages

7 steps to futureproof your internal communications strategy

Discover 7 essential steps to futureproof your internal communications strategy.

Clients. Level up employee experience with Unily.

Enhancing employee experience comes down to giving your workforce exactly what they're looking for. By launching a next-generation intranet that is custom-fit to your enterprise's needs and use cases, you will lay the foundation maximal engagement.

The new intranet will create a single source for Best Buy Canada’s 12k+ employees – including corporate, frontline store staff, and distribution center workers – to get information and up-to-date company news, and will act as a digital hub for social collaboration.

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Best Buy intranet on mobile

Access to the right knowledge is critical for Penspen employees, who provide customized engineering and project management services to the energy industry. With an intranet based on SharePoint 2010 unable to keep up with their requirements, they chose a Unily intranet for more flexibility, supporting a central platform for knowledge management.

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Penspen homepage on mobile phone

For nearly 40 years, Canon has delivered products and services across the Oceania region to inspire and innovate. With more than 2k staffers spread across areas including Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines, Canon sought to launch a centralized digital workplace that would connect, engage, and drive efficiency in a dispersed workforce.

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Canon homepage on mobile phone
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