Mastering internal communications with an intranet in the remote work era

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever. This free webinar in partnership with the Institute of Internal Communications offers a playbook of best practices and insights to help internal communicators keep employees engaged and informed now and beyond into the future of work.

The shift to remote work has presented as many challenges as opportunities for internal communicators. Transitioning to the 'new normal' means discovering new ways of communicating with employees, fostering connected culture, and enriching employee experience. Navigating this new terrain requires a refreshed outlook and a new set of tools and strategies.

Now, more than ever, business leaders are turning to their internal communications teams to solve their most pressing challenges. In this new era of remote work, the enterprises and executives that adjust the fastest will be the ones that succeed in the workplace of the future.

The future of post-pandemic internal communications

In this webinar, we join forces with The Institute of Internal Communications to show you how internal communicators can rise to the challenge and seize opportunities presented by this new state of play, as well as how technology can play a fundamental role in driving positive results.

We explore best-practice examples of communicating with a remote workforce using an intranet and provide insights on how the world's biggest brands are using new technologies to overcome barriers to effective communication. Our Product Evangelist, Matt Boyd, offers guidance on how a modern intranet can rise to the challenge of remote work.

Who is IoIC?

Our guest speaker, Jennifer Sproul, Director of the IoIC brings a wealth of knowledge on broad internal communications trends as well as best-practice strategy advice. Jennifer and her team are currently working with the UK Government to define guidance for internal communicators as well as supporting enterprise clients in establishing effective communications strategies. 

For more information visit the IoIC website.

Key themes:

  • The future of internal communications: examining emerging trends and forecasting the impact on internal communications 
  • Opportunities and challenges ahead: how can internal communicators navigate the new landscape to overcome challenges and seize opportunities?
  • Strategy and technology: understanding the importance of technology for overcoming barriers of communicating with a remote workforce
  • Intranet best-practice: insights from Unily experts on using an intranet for communicating with a remote workforce
  • Culture and communications: building a positive culture to support remote working through impactful and strategic communications
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