Leadership in the digital era: Shaping the employee experience with an intranet

Inspirational leadership is one of the most crucial factors in enterprise success. Yet with rapidly evolving global markets and constantly shifting economic environments, how do the leaders of tomorrow continue to engage their people and achieve their goals? In this webinar in partnership with strategy consulting firm Gagen MacDonald, we explore the changing nature of leadership and how we can strive to manage the challenges facing leaders today, through the lens of modern enterprise technology.

The future of digital leadership

In this webinar, we guide you through best practices for using modern digital tools to promote strong leadership.


  • What is strong leadership?
  • The importance of strong leadership in navigating the new normal 
  • Inspiring trust 
  • The changing nature of leadership: modern challenges require a new approach
  • Building a bright future centered enabled by next-gen tech
  • Inspiring leadership at all levels

Unily is joining forces with leading strategy execution firm, Gagen MacDonald, to bring you everything you need to know about the changing nature of leadership in the new era of work. Gagen MacDonald specialises in understanding the human struggle of change by helping organizations with transformation, culture, leadership, and communication.

With over twenty years of experience leading large, complex organizational initiatives, Molly Rauzi, our first guest speaker, is a consultant, Chief Information Officer, and trusted thought leader to clients undergoing rapid change.

Our second guest speaker, Molly Dorkey, brings her expertise and unique insight in managing complex and dynamic projects to this webinar, with her passion for helping enterprise clients navigate change underpinning her invaluable experience.

Both Rauzi and Dorkey's experience in managing complex projects, crafting compelling stories to align key stakeholders, and generating business, cultural, and leadership alignment means this webinar offers you thought-leading insight for global enterprises looking to adapt to the new shape of leadership in the digital era.

Who is this webinar for?

Watch this webinar if you're interested in enhancing your employee experience and company culture with a strategy underpinned by digital innovation. Our active community includes business leaders and executives from internal communications, HR and IT functions.

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