7 must ask pulse survey questions to transform employee engagement

According to Gallup, every disengaged employee costs a company an average of $16k. Given that a recent report by Achievers found that only 21% of employees reported they were engaged, tackling workplace experience is a pressing issue. Pulse surveys are emerging as the method of choice for efficiently tracking worker experience in real-time.

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Annual reviews have long served as the dominant source for employee feedback, but new methodologies are eclipsing this process—and pulse surveys are leading the way. These queries are a quick-glance measure that enables stakeholders to monitor employee engagement, analyze the impact of new initiatives, and address any pain points before they escalate.

Over the years, Unily has worked with some of the biggest and most progressive companies across the globe to deliver agile solutions that can adapt to maximize employee engagement. Pulse surveys refine this process by pinpointing what employees are looking for and the steps stakeholders must take to optimize their experience. This guide is designed to drive engagement by introducing one of the most important feedback tools stakeholders can have in their arsenal.

This guide will:

  • Discuss the evolution of feedback measures and the emergence of pulse surveys
  • Pinpoint the pay-offs pulse surveys can offer
  • Provide step-by-step guidance for launching pulse surveys within your workplace
  • Offer sample questions that get to the heart of employee engagement
  • Explain how digital workplaces can optimize the feedback process

Who should read this guide?

This guide is suitable for anyone interested in optimizing employee engagement initiatives by efficiently sourcing feedback and tracking the results in real-time. The input provided by pulse surveys may be of particular interest to internal communications teams and digital workplace managers.

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