Intranet Masterclass Seminar

Join us for our free, half-day Intranets Masterclass at Microsoft's London HQ

You'll hear directly from Sage and Merlin Entertainments, who will give you an insight into their intranet journeys. 

Our Agenda:

Session 1 - Intranet Trends: Setting the scene for intranets in 2017

Session 2 - The Modern Intranet IA: Establishing technology and creating an effective information architecture 

Session 3 - Personalisation Masterclass: Personalisation and targeting of content and information 

Session 4 - Common intranet stumbling points: How to avoid common errors made when launching an intranet 

Session 5 - Intranet Surgery (Q & A):  We'll be joined by Sage and Affinity Water who will be answering your burning questions and helping you understand what works (and what doesn't)! 

Why should you attend? 

Whether your working on your intranet strategy or looking to improve an existing platform, this seminar will help you avoid tragic pitfalls and formulate a winning intranet strategy for your organisation. 

We have limited seats available for this session so please ensure you reserve a space in advance by completing the form on this page. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

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