Revolutionize internal communications with Unily's personalized email broadcasts

In this blog we look at how you can revolutionize your internal communications strategy with Unily's brand new personalized email broadcasts. Cut through the noise for maximum engagement.

Employees discussing ways to revolutionize their internal communications with Unily's personalized email broadcasts

Close the communications gap with personalization

Earlier this year, we made it possible for internal communicators to easily create and distribute stunning email newsletters directly from our intuitive CMS. In fact, up to this point, they have created and distributed just under half a million emails, with an average of 50% open success rate, which dwarfs the industry standard of 15%. 

Now Unily are revolutionizing internal communications emails with the introduction of personalized email broadcasts that can be sent directly from your digital workplace.

While many other email tools don’t know anything about their audience, blanket sending content to every user, Unily’s email broadcasts not only know their audience, but also the topics that are most important to them.

For the first time, internal comms teams can take advantage of users digital workplace identity, including their personal user preferences, to deliver the most engaging content straight to their inbox.

For internal comms teams, this closes the gap between digital workplace experiences and the communication channels used to make business messages reach further. Now users will feel like there’s real continuity in the messaging they receive, striking a personal chord with them and keeping them engaged.

Personalized emails represent another opportunity to put your users first and keep them at the very core of your comms strategy, regardless of channel. Unily’s email broadcasts can dynamically retrieve and present internal comms articles (no cut and paste), and now the articles selected can be based upon a user’s department, location, their skillset or even their chosen topics. As with other email broadcasts, your content will look great across any device with responsive email templates and the option to review your content before sending.

Personalized emails in intuitive CMS

Regionally personalized HR updates

Your HR policies and procedures will likely be different from region to region. By simply targeting your news updates to the correct region, you can email out updates to your global audience in seconds, knowing that accurate information is reaching the right people. No more curating multiple emails for each location, one highly personalized email will deliver dynamically and automatically selected relevant content to all of your employees.

Internal comms emails that cut through the noise

Many digital workplaces and intranets have lots of eager publishers, all of which want your users’ attention. Personalization settings can cut through this noise to what your users care about and, crucially, to what helps them to get their job done. When your internal comms team look to send out that weekly update email, it can now be just as relevant to each user as any feed in your digital workplace, still only requiring a single email send.  

IT system updates to inform the right people

With so many applications in the digital workplace, many of which take advantage of upgrades and ongoing maintenance, IT system owners need to be able to update people on downtime or unexpected system outages. Blanket emailing the entire organization can lead to inbox overload, but with personalized emails, that only update people that use the application in question, you will keep the right people informed without spamming the rest of your business. Discover more about how Unily could revolutionize your internal communications from newsletters to mobile apps and more.

Looking to bring personalization to your internal comms strategy?

Talk to one of Unily's experts, we'd be glad to discuss the endless possibilities open to you with Unily's Employee Experience Platform - get started here.

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