How to create hygge workplace culture with your intranet

As a routine contender in the United Nation’s World Happiness Report, it’s evident that Denmark has contentment figured out. With Gallup reporting that workplace engagement levels are hovering at just 15%, it’s time for employers to get creative when it comes to improving workplace culture. Below, we explore hygge, a uniquely Danish concept that’s bound to boost morale, and discuss how to utilize a digital workplace to adopt this principle within your enterprise.

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Hygge: your burnout antidote

For the first time ever, the World Health Organization has classified workplace burnout as an occupational hazard that has reached epidemic status. Human resources leaders are in agreement that overtaxing employees has serious consequences: a Kronos survey revealed that 95% of respondents believe that workplace burnout is sabotaging retention rates. Given that Gallup estimates that voluntary resignations cost $1 trillion annually, fixing burnout can help enterprises save big while drastically improving workplace culture.

Every enterprise needs to be proactive when it comes to improving workplace culture. Organizations that are looking to put a stop to burnout may wish to take a page from the Danish happiness playbook and consider bringing some hygge into the workplace. The concept has no direct English translation but is generally described as a moment or feeling that is cozy and contented. 

While some may think of hygge solely as a decorating idea, the concept’s core elements can be applied to a workplace with favorable effect.

"89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are likely to recommend their organization as a good place to work."

American Psychological Association

Employee engagement should be a priority at every enterprise and fostering a sense of care through hygge principles is a sure-fire way to take this measure to new heights.

Digital workplace components that promote hygge culture

While there aren’t any physical walls to decorate or comfy pillows to add, modern intranet software can instill a sense of corporate connectivity. Below, we pinpoint features that stakeholders should consider when giving their workplace a Danish makeover.

Ultimate hygge workplace

Launch impactful initiatives

Company intranets can ensure that enterprise-wide goals take off by serving as a digital home for the initiative. A dedicated site page will provide workers with the information they are looking for in one easy-to-access location and embedded social reactions will encourage everyone to share their support.  

Use recognition tools to build community

Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge, likens the concept to a hug, without the physical touch. Recognition tools such as blog spotlights, customizable badges, peer-to-peer reward systems, and shout-outs on social media enable colleagues to virtually embrace through an intranet platform. 

Social networking brings everyone together

Digital workplaces with social intranet tools such as @mentions and #hashtags can drive conversation throughout the digital platform and inspire users to converse with team members in various locations. With forums, messaging, and a host of bespoke reactions, intranets help instill a sense of closeness amongst colleagues, even when working thousands of miles away.

Put employee feedback into action

Each employee plays a role in impacting workplace culture, so it’s essential to prioritize user feedback. Digital workplaces with forms capabilities make it easy for stakeholders to disseminate surveys that provide valuable insight into workplace culture. Once results are in, built-in analytics offer insight on engagement, worker satisfaction, and existing pain points. 

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Centralized resources cut down on stress

Nurturing is key to hygge culture and it can also play a critical role in boosting workplace satisfaction. To maximize your employee’s digital comfort level, ensure that your intranet includes advanced search capabilities that make navigating the platform intuitive. 

Give your homepage a personal touch

Your intranet should feel like a digital home for each of your employees. Targeted homepages can help extend a personal touch by providing each user with a digital experience that is customized in accordance to their role-specific needs.

Mobile responsive capabilities level up hygge

Digital workplaces with mobile intranet capabilities empower users to step away from their desks without missing out on updates. Native mobile applications make it easy to work from an employee’s device of choice and push notifications ensure that everyone stays in the loop, regardless of location.

Give users the gift of hygge with a modern intranet

Hygge principles can help combat workplace burnout while cultivating a compelling culture. Digital workplaces bring this Danish principle to life through a host of capabilities that drive communication, collaboration, and user experience. If you are interested in designing a modern intranet to promote seriously hygge vibes, get in touch with one of our digital workplace experts.

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