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Understanding the performance of your digital workplace is critical. Armed with clear insights, you will be best placed to continue to publish high performing content that your employees need every day. Unily’s innovative analytics service provides a powerful, rich and fully featured set of dashboards for monitoring all aspects of your digital workplace in real-time. Whether you want to measure views, users or performance of any kind of content, our reports provide you with everything you need.

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If you are in internal communications, a business owner, in charge of managing a project, or in charge of launching a new tool or app, Unily intranet analytics will help you manage everything in one place. With each dashboard, you can easily filter, slice and drill-down into data with powerful visualizations. Together with profile segmentation, you can equally compare performance for example across different regions, departments, or even roles.

With all of this and more, Unily analytics really does put the power of your digital workplace in your hands! The following benefits demonstrate why Unily’s analytics is ahead of the game.

Intranet Analytics

Gain insight into your users, your content, and your digital workplace. Custom and pre-configured dashboards let you drill down into the things that matter to you and benchmark your success against other enterprises.

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Powerful visualizations that bring your data to life

Data can be overwhelming. Making sense of it can be complex, especially when trying to identify new patterns. That’s why Unily’s rich visualizations and charts will bring your reports to life. Metrics are displayed in easy-to-analyze charts, graphs and tables that can be surfaced on your choice of a public or private Unily Site. With this powerful interactive visualization, the process of drilling down into charts and graphs for more detail couldn’t be easier.

Real-time data, real-time insights

Tired of having to wait for data on an article you’ve just published? With Unily Analytics, you can easily report on usage by the month, week, day, hour, minute or even second!

Track all aspects of how employees are using your content daily with date and content filters, track content views, sessions and popular topics. Have an internal campaign coming up? Your internal communications team can easily monitor engagement using visual dashboards in the form of bar, line or pie charts from the moment the campaign goes live!

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One-click and you’re ready to go!

Having to learn different tools can be time consuming and inhibit more employees from using your reports. Now administrators have full control over creating any report they choose without having to even leave Unily.

Dashboards are set-up with one-click, it’s that simple! Choose one or more report dashboards you require, then display on a Unily Site. To ensure specific teams have exclusive access to their data, you can apply permissions to each report in the CMS. 

Communicate Unily’s performance with ease

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint the overall performance of your digital workplace. With Unily’s simple yet efficient reporting functionality, you’ll have everything you need to ensure you reach your goals.

Unily’s analytics dashboards are all pre-configured to communicate on all aspects of its capabilities. They provide an enhanced view on communication, collaboration, productivity, knowledge and networking. You’ll have at your fingertips, insights on a variety of usage including how well social is performing; how your apps & tools are being used; documents being shared, to how well your news, insights and videos are being engaged with. 

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Reports for myriad audiences

It can be difficult to cater to the needs of different audiences at the same time. Unily’s reports have been designed to help anyone from administrators and authors to business owners get what they want all using one tool.

Authors and publishers can judge the usage of their latest insight, video or social post with a breakdown of each reaction, comment and share. Intranet managers concerned about engagement and adoption can analyze dwell time, how many new users have joined, overall views and session trends too.

Whereas business owners (or for example those running a function and so on), can use the report filters to show how usage against their own specific content, tools and sites compare with others’ content. Ultimately, no matter who needs the information, everyone will have everything they need to understand what type of content, tools, documents and sites perform best.


Unily social analytics

Our reports are GDPR compliant

Last but by no means least, Unily analytics is compliant with new GDPR laws. No individual employees are ever identified in our reporting, with our data securely hosted in your Unily customer tenant. Discover more information on Unily’s commitment to keeping your data safe.

If you’d like to see Unily Analytics in action, arrange a demo today – we are certain you’re going to love it!

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