Communicate better with essential internal communication tools. Helping your colleagues to engage.

Unily is packed full of intuitive internal communication tools that will ensure everyone in your organization takes full advantage of the power of your internal messaging system. From content creation to personalization, social engagement, and mobile access, it has everything you need for a powerful and fully-featured internal communications system that benefits everyone in your organization.

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Content creation. Made easy.

The powerful internal communications tools utilized by Unily begins with intuitive content creation. The rich publishing experience using our custom Content Management System build on Microsoft Azure allows you to create visually appealing content instantly. You can either create it yourself or delegate to an expert securely and quickly.

When creating content, you can also use the targeting feature to ensure your message reaches the right people based on their team, role, location, or anything else. And with Unily's multilingual capabilities, you can take advantage of powerful machine translation alongside 1:1 translation editing to provide you with even more control over your communications.

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Access the content you want, where you want

As part of the powerful internal communications tools incorporated into Unily, employees and staff members can choose exactly which messages they want to see. The easy-to-use personalization tools allow anyone in your organization to choose the type of content they are most interested in viewing, prioritizing certain items in their feeds, which increases user engagement.

What's more, the mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android ensure users also have complete control over where and when they access the content. Whether they are travelling in another country on business or commuting to work, they can quickly access internal communications and react to them from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Increase engagement with social features

With Unily, sending and receiving content is only the start. We also made sure users could engage with the messages they received as much or as little as they wanted to by incorporating extensive social features directly into Unily.

With the social features in Unily, recipients can react to content in the moment by sharing it using the in-built social tools or through Yammer integration. This ability to effortlessly react and share increases collaboration and engagement across your organization, helping to get the conversation going. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, and it’s an effective way to ensure you get your messages in front of more people.

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Powerful event management

Getting attention for your events and increasing sign-ups is a major challenge for businesses, but Unily makes event management easy. Content editors can produce beautiful event pages quickly and effortlessly, and you can target them directly at the right user group.

Forms are quick to create using the easy template builder. Embedded sign-up forms are seamlessly integrated, and they help to encourage reactions and increase engagement. You can even set them up to gather anonymous responses for sensitive issues. And all of the forms are mobile friendly so they can be accessed and filled in by users from anywhere.

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Internal communication tools. That your team needs.

It’s so important for businesses these days to be able to take advantage of intuitive and user-friendly internal communications, and we made sure we packed Unily full of everything you could need to get more from your internal communications in your organization.

From simplifying the content creation process to enhancing access for all users and increasing engagement levels, Unily takes internal communications further to provide a better experience for everyone in your organization.

Now it’s your turn to see exactly what you can do with Unily. Try it out for yourself for free to see just how much simpler your internal communications will be when you take advantage of the advanced tools provide by Unily.

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Feature full. The complete digital workplace supporting the enterprise.

Unily is packed full of features beautifully designed to help you engage your global workforce. Available out-of-the-box, you can be live with cutting-edge digital workplace functionality in just weeks.


Keep everyone on your team up to date with fast and efficient internal communications.


Connect with your team quickly with a user-friendly directory search and rich profiles.


Find, collaborate and share documents intuitively with the best of Office 365 and Unily documents.


Communicate and collaborate in real time with built-in social integration right across the platform.

Broadcast Center

Keep your employees in the loop with alerts, newsletters, and push notifications.


Improve task management and deliver feedback with forms, polls, and surveys.


Discover new ways to collaborate with Tribes and Sites in addition to standard SharePoint sites.


Inform your adoption strategy and gain insight into user behavior with powerful analytics.


Simplify content creation and empower every user with an intuitive content management system.

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Our Clients. SMB to Fortune 100.

We’ve worked with clients across all sectors and sizes, from UK based football clubs looking to improve internal communications to multi-lingual global enterprises who rely on Unily to be the central hub of digital activity for up to 120,000 users. Dive into our customer stories and videos to learn more about our clients and the unique ways they work with our flexible product.

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is the leading cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry. To stay innovative in a competitive climate, and maintain the employee engagement, they chose to invest in smarter digital workplace technology. Their Unily intranet combines Ellie Mae’s high tech nature with their strong core values; perfectly reflecting their brand, while providing a powerful solution to fuel employee passion and experience.

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Ellie Mae

Everton FC

Supporting Everton's players on the ground is a 500 strong workforce who rely on internal cohesion to raise awareness of the brand and ensure success for the team. Everton use a Unily intranet to provide a centralized location for the latest club news and internal communications, enabling everyone from the team to interact and engage with the latest announcements through social networking.

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Everton FC


Microsoft required a central hub of curated knowledge for their Analyst Relations Community, providing a platform for members to discover, discuss and share the latest technology innovation. Unily allowed them to rapidly implement a rich communication portal that has been cleverly customized to encourage user interaction.

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