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In the modern day, internal communication extends beyond static information pushed out from the corporate team, it’s about keeping employees engaged by inciting conversations and feedback. Unily is a powerful tool to transform how corporate communications are managed, whether you’re a communications team of just one or several hundred. With intelligent tools to support streamlined communications for both content editors and consumers, centralizing your corporate communications has never been easier.

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Send the right message, to the right people in the right language

A common challenge for internal communicators is how to cut through the noise to deliver the right message. Unily solves this problem by enabling targeted and localized content to reach employees on any device. When creating communications within the CMS, editors can simply choose their audience, which can be based on any parameter such as Location and Role. Auto-translation combined with 1:1 translation capabilities allows for content to be translated and edited directly within the CMS, ensuring accuracy. For another level of relevancy, users can also personalize the content they see across the site by simply selecting the Topics they’re interested in.

Sophisticated Targeting

Encourage participation and employee engagement

Internal communications can no longer be static if it is to meet the challenge of improving employee engagement, morale, culture and more. Unily supports better engagement by providing online communities for people to come together and have their say in the organization they work for. Social capabilities such as conversation feeds, commenting, liking and reacting empowers users from around the organization to come together, providing feedback and commentary. Badge functionality also enables you to create custom awards to recognize exemplary behavior around the intranet, from a top blog writer to a 100% complete profile.

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Our clients. Communication success stories.

Our diverse customers utilize Unily's range of communications tools to support the way they want to work. From utilizing the platform to simplify information on a global merger, to creating new social communities to support global initiatives, take a look at our customer stories to learn how Unily is transforming communication across the enterprise.


With the company growing and highly successful, Fortnum wanted to take this to the next level, implementing efficient and cost-effective digital workplace technology to unite their business, future-proofing their ability to find, share and learn from each other

NFU Mutual

With its intranet jam-packed with old, disused content and a limited search function, NFU Mutual chose to revamp its intranet from top to bottom to support the complex requirements of its modern digital workplace.

Everton FC

Supporting Everton's players on the ground is a 500 strong workforce who rely on internal cohesion to raise awareness of the brand and ensure success for the team. Everton use a Unily intranet to provide a centralized location for the latest club news and internal communications, enabling everyone from the team to interact and engage with the latest announcements through social networking.

8 ways an intranet can transform internal communication. Download the guide.

Download the guide to learn how a modern intranet like Unily can transform global communications. With real life examples from The Hershey Company, Informa, Amec Foster Wheeler and more, this guide will help to inspire your own communications strategy.

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