5 pro tips you'll take away from a Unily intranet masterclass

The return to work and the new normal are your opportunity to shine, by staying on the pulse with insights from digital workplace experts and learning from the digital transformation initiatives of some of the world's biggest companies. You'll get all this and more from Unily's free masterclass, coming to an area near you.

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Over the last three years, we've built out our schedule to reach as many teams and departments across the globe as possible. With more than 40 different masterclasses dates on our calendar, 2020 marks our busiest year yet.

We traveled the globe to host in-person events in major cities, including London, Melbourne, New York, and Toronto. In light of the pandemic, we've pivoted to online activities but maintained our region-by-region approach and ongoing emphasis on leveling up employee experience.

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5 learnings to help up your game

Whether you're working in Internal Communications, Digital Transformation, Human Resources, or IT, you'll come away from our masterclass feeling empowered, with new insights, contacts, and seeing your vision come to life.

#1. Discover a new approach to employee experience

Just 6% of organizations have employee experience figured out, according to author Jacob Morgan. By going the extra mile for their people, these top-performing enterprises reap a range of benefits, including 4x higher profits and 40% lower turnover rates.

As workforces decentralize, leaders can no longer count on in-person events for bringing coworkers together. Instead, digital channels now play a profound role in connecting colleagues and enhancing employee experience, especially when it comes to engaging frontline units and remote workers. Masterclasses include a segment dedicated to establishing a culture that drives performance by taking advantage of your intranet platform.

These discussions have proved particularly relevant recently, as noted by Regina Williams, a Seattle masterclass attendee. She explains:

"Felt today's event was worth every bit of 2.5 hours. You covered some really important topics such as the importance of culture, trust, listening to our users, and actioning any feedback provided." Regina Williams - Global Practice, Product and Knowledge Specialist at JMJ Associates

unily intranet masterclass milan

#2. Learn from real-life examples

Creating a vision for your new intranet is just the beginning. Once project goals and feature requirements are established, many steps go into turning a platform concept into reality.

During our masterclasses, you'll see this process unfold first-hand through case studies and client speaker sessions. Through real-life examples from enterprises of various sizes and sectors, you'll come away with best-practices that are relevant to your organization.

In the words of Meena Smith, a Property Operations Associate at Midway, who attended our Houston masterclass:

"Your vision helps inspire me! You definitely have the right values to lead others."Meena Smith - Property Operations Associate at Midway

speakers smiling at unily intranet masterclass

#3. Stay ahead of the next big trends

Workplaces are rapidly transforming. The pace of technological innovation continues to accelerate. Consequently, the need to stay one step ahead has never been more critical or more challenging. As enterprises transition to their next normal, new engagement tactics must be developed to align with workforce shifts.

By showcasing the latest research in the field of employee experience and spotlighting emerging trends, you'll walk away with insider insights that can be used to inform your future strategy. Following our Detroit masterclass, Alisson Westlund from Ford noted:

"Great tips, and we needed to hear a lot of it with our future redesign for our site for Ford."Alisson Westlund - Product Designer at Ford

consultant speaking at unily intranet masterclass

#4. Expand your network

Whether in-person or online, masterclasses are an opportunity to join a community of professionals in HR, Internal Communications, and IT who are committed to driving employee experience forward. Every event carves out time for you to get answers to your most pressing questions, either via one-on-one conversations or chat rooms and open Q&A panel environments.

In addition to discussions and presentations during the masterclass, you'll have access to a breadth of activities to continue to unlock the secrets to enhancing employee experience with an intranet. You can sign up for our newsletters, attend our exclusive, annual Unite conference, and access case studies and guides devoted to every element of a comprehensive employee engagement strategy.


presentation at unily masterclass

#5. Build a strong business case

A business case can make or break your intranet project. Without buy-in from senior leadership, even the most innovative project ideas will fail to get off the ground. Creating a compelling value proposition comes down to two essential pieces of knowledge: understanding an intranet's bottom line benefits and developing best practices for building your case.

You will receive invaluable tips on creating a business case that generates buy-in. We supply the stats, real-world examples, and templates to build a compelling case tailored to your organization's goals and challenges. In the words of Luca Patrk, a Recruitment Team Lead at City of Vancouver:

"Great information to start a conversation with senior leadership."

Luca Patrk - Recruitment Team Lead at City of Vancouver

Intranet ROI guide

The ultimate guide to intranet ROI

Many find it challenging to create a business case for their intranet project. We make it easy for you by crunching the numbers and presenting the cold, hard facts that will unite stakeholders in realizing the bottom-line benefits that intranets deliver.

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