DIGITAL WORKPLACE CAPABILITIES. That unite your enterprise.

The power behind Unily is due to its ability to deliver tangible business value across five capabilities: Communication, networking, productivity, collaboration and knowledge. Individually or used together, they illustrate the myriad ways your intranet investment will provide value to your business. Whether your goal is encouraging more communications, or to get your employees to work more productively, our capability led approach will give you the Unily features to get you best business outcomes. Our adoption and analytics service will track your performance against each capability, recommending continuous improvements and which further aspects to focus on. After all, it is in our interest to ensure that you get the most out of Unily, reassuring you that you've made the right digital workplace decision, driving your communications and business operations forward with a fully engaged workforce.

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Communication is the bedrock of every digital workplace, driving information and knowledge across teams, departments and locations. In today’s economy, internal communications extends beyond static information pushed out from the corporate team. Its value lies in keeping employees engaged by inciting conversations and feedback, helping physically disconnected employees feel part of the team.

Unily’s capabilities make global communications simple for the enterprise. Whether it is staying in touch with company news, participating in global initiatives, or receiving targeted business area information, staying connected from any device is easier than ever before.

Communication Features


Seamlessly connecting people together via your intranet is essential when staff are spread apart and often mobile in and outside of the office. Being able to locate, connect and stay in touch with one another helps to break down silos, encourage sharing of ideas, and get problems resolved quickly.

Our capabilities bring you all the tools you need to create a seamless global network. With a rich people directory, search and sophisticated profile features, your staff can find each other easily, grow their network and share knowledge and experience among their peers, from any location or device.

Connect your workforce


Giving your employees easy access the right tools and processes as part of their daily work represents a real time-saving opportunity. When staff know what tool to use when, while knowing they are using the latest version, less time is wasted repeatedly finding what should be at their fingertips.

Our innovative apps and tools menu puts all of your business critical apps in one easy-to-use menu, making business critical information accessible. Office 365 tools are seamlessly integrated into one global platform, with the potential to integrate with other external apps, bringing the digital workplace together for maximum productivity.

Maximize productivity


Encouraging cross-team collaboration is pivotal in getting your employees to share new ideas, and ensure the same problem isn't solved twice. Most staff will at some point during their working day be collaborating with others, so having the right tools and platform in place to facilitate this is vital.

Unily's unique community and site pages provide you with a simple-to-set-up space to bring together resources, documents and social activity that give your staff everything they need to collaborate across projects and initiatives with ease.

Encourage Collaboration


How you create, curate and share knowledge can result in huge savings from not having to reinvent the wheel. Encouraging new ideas along with putting knowledge in the right hands is the core role of a well used digital workplace. While at the same time, archiving old content or refreshing knowledge in new ways to make it timely are critical functions of your intranet.

With Unily's blogging feature, your staff can easily contribute ideas, while others can use its powerful topic-based search to locate knowledge from anywhere within your organisation. Unily also raises the value of your knowledge, increasing its relevance by targeting it to your staff who need it based on their personal preferences.

Knowledge Management

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