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A Unily Hub Intranet Delivers a powerful, versatile and beautiful business intranet in just 6 weeks. Built on Microsoft's Azure platform and integrated with the best of Office 365 including SharePoint Online, Yammer, OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business, Unily delivers unparalleled collaboration and communication experiences that help employees work smarter. Corporate company intranets are what we're all about - we are Unily.

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Personalized Communications for a Relevant Intranet

With Unily Hub’s publishing tool set, essential internal communications content is created and delivered barrier-free within your company intranet. It simply doesn’t matter what device employees utilise, where they are located, what language they speak or what role they fill in the company. Unily Hub delivers the content your employees need quickly, relevantly and responsively.

Within the company intranet, users are encouraged and enabled to personalize what information they want to see on their intranet by selecting topics they're interested in. This, combined with intranet manager's ability to target information to particular user groups means that users are truly seeing the information most relevant to the job they do, keeping them coming back for more.

If some of your users require access to internal communications and corporate information without the full-featured, corporate intranet functionality, request more information on our Unily Engage product.

A Business Intranet With Collaboration at Heart

True collaboration and knowledge sharing is facilitated within a Unily Company Intranet. Employees can utilize enhanced SharePoint Sites (Workspaces) through SharePoint Online integration, providing a platform for people to work together wherever they're working from. Users can also make use of unique Unily Hub Tribe Sites that can pull Groups together in minutes to share News, People, Apps, Info, for specific Projects, Teams, Departments, Brands or Interests. Social Networking functionality is completely integrated throughout Unily Hub, with Yammer feeds and Groups accessible directly from the business intranet, no extra sign-on needed. This opens up lines of communication for employees across borders and provides them with a platform to chat, collaborate and innovate amongst teams. Social functionality is also integrated with all internal communications, allowing employees to connect and engage with the information passing through their company intranet.

A Company Intranet That Connects People and Resources Together

A successful business intranet is nothing without a focus on people. Unily Hub features a beautifully designed People, Group and Equipment Directory to ensure colleagues can connect with each other and the resources they need to get the job done. Unily's beautifully designed, sleek profile system also allows users to display relevant information about themselves including a synopsis of experience and skill set. Full integration with Active Directory enables users to edit their profile information and augment the company’s standard information. Colleagues can then search for each other using the People Directory’s intuitive refining search, whether it be by Name, Skill, Department, Location or more.

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From over 10 years of company intranet experience, we know that without a dedicated governance and success plan, intranets tend to fail for users over time and become out of touch with the organization. That's why the Unily Hub product comes as part of a full Intranet as a Service. We help you make the most of Unily Hub functionality during your inclusive deployment consultancy, setting up structures and templates optimized to your specific needs to drive user engagement. On-going success of your Unily Hub corporate business intranet can be measured through built-in analytics that come as part of the package. This alongside our complete, on-going consultancy will help you keep to best practices and deliver crucial ROI to your business.

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