The Unily intranet platform. A unique infrastructure to drive powerful results.

It is Unily that makes it truly unique in the market. Unily runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and integrates with the Office 365 stack. However, unlike many multi-tenanted solutions, it utilizes a single tenanted architecture. This means configuration and customization are un-restricted to meet your unique needs. The same flexibility also applies to data security and storage requirements. If your organization is unable to move to the cloud due to internal or industry specific concerns, no problem. Unily can run on on-premises or hybrid based architectures as well.

Unily Intranet Solution: screen of social feed solution

As a Service. The intranet solution managed by experts.

Unily combines a user-experience led, feature full product with extensive services for a true ‘As-a-Service solution’. Managed by our expert team and with a 99.95% uptime and availability SLA, organizations big and small are empowered to take advantage of leading collaboration functionality in just weeks. A subscription based model priced by number of users, Unily ensures costs are predictable and manageable, with no up front development costs. Dedicated consultants, technical and support teams work with you as part of your subscription to ensure your intranet is a success from conception to launch, providing on-going consulting throughout the year to drive adoption. Wrapped up with a customer-driven roadmap that’s unrivalled in the market, Unily is helping to transform how people do intranets.

Deployed in Weeks
Predictable Costs
Managed by Experts
Innovative Roadmap

The Unily grid. Empower your intranet managers.

The Unily grid gives your content editors the power to configure page layouts and content using a simple grid and widget catalogue, without the need for additional development. This allows your content teams to build flexible and sophisticated sites and pages, with full control over experiences for mobile, Hub and Engage users. Preview pages within the CMS, create templates, build temporary campaign home pages, create rich Site pages and more, all without the need for a developer. Get a taste of what the Unily grid can do with our inspiring intranet design ideas.

Unily grid customization features on laptop, tablet and phone

Intranet Security. Designed with the large enterprise in mind.

Unlike many intranet-in-a-box solutions, Unily’s infrastructure has been designed with enterprise level security in mind. Utilizing a single tenanted architecture, your data is stored independently on separate SQL databases and separate Azure Storage Accounts to ensure maximum security. With the single tenanted approach additional measures can be included to enhance the already comprehensive data and access security measures. Unily gives you more of what your organization wants without the need to compromise. Our expert infrastructure team also work with you to customize your security settings on the front-end of your product, so your team only have access to the data they need.

Customize. With an extensible infrastructure.

One of the unique differentiators of Unily when compared to other digital workplaces is its inherent flexibility when it comes to customization, extensibility and integration with data that resides within other line of business applications or external systems. The primary reason for this is that Unily is designed, implemented and managed from the ground up, with no interdependencies on any other applications such as SharePoint. Being fully hosted and built within the Microsoft Azure cloud, we also have the ability to leverage Azure based services and components at our finger tips. This can help us build lean, yet powerful customizations and integrations, very quickly in an agile manner. Whether these are Office 365 customizations, custom data feeds, an SAP based workflow, third party application integration or a hybrid search integration, Unily’s powerful intranet solution is extensible and customizable.

Customization Options
Office 365

Office 365 integration is out of the box with an enhanced user experience to drive ease of use.

Direct Links

The Apps and Tools feature allows you to customize the direct access to other applications within the enterprise.

Custom Data Feeds

Integration with bespoke or in-house developed custom applications to consume an existing data feed or end point.

Unily Endpoints

Endpoints can be written to by other applications, for example integrating with common business process workflows running outside of Unily.


Easy integration with other off the shelf products such as Dropbox for the documents experience or Chatter for the social experience.

Hybrid Search

Surfacing content from on-premises systems such as legacy version of SharePoint or integrating with an existing enterprise search engine within Unily.

Intranet performance. Premium performance for global users.

Exceptional intranet performance is crucial to adoption, from quick load times to minimum downtime. If your teams are dispersed across the globe, this becomes even more of a priority. Our highly specialized team leverage the native capabilities of Microsoft Azure using multiple data centers across the globe to ensure the best performance for your users, offering a 99.95% uptime and availability SLA, no matter what device they use or where they’re located. This provides superior performance for global users in comparison to SharePoint’s centralized deployment model, which serves content out of a single data center, meaning users can suffer from latency and performance issues.

As part of your Unily subscription, the Infrastructure team maintain, manage and support your individual tenant to ensure the best ongoing performance. Our monitoring tools continuously collect real-time performance and reliability data ensuring your Unily environment is always available and fast. We believe in pro-active problem prevention so that we can resolve issues before you and your users see any impact.

Intranet platform performance page in Microsoft Azure

Office 365 integration. For unparalleled collaboration.

Unily Hub is hosted on Microsoft’s powerful Azure platform and integrates seamlessly with the best of Office 365 to deliver unrivalled collaboration. Combining the best of Microsoft enterprise technology into a single interface, Unily Hub helps to drive adoption and consumption of the core Microsoft services, making the products understandable for your users. Our Unily Engage product is streamlined to run purely on Azure, to give your extended team access to the intranet without unnecessary expense.


Access your SharePoint Sites through the customizable Workspaces menu and find and collaborate on documents from within Unily.


Catch up and interact with your key social channels directly from Unily, with commenting and sharing across communications also powered by Yammer.


Find and work on your OneDrive documents directly within Unily, making your document management seamless and simple.


Chat with colleagues using Skype for Business directly from Unily profiles, helping users to make use of the tool from a single platform.


Discover documents and people who matter most with Delve integration across the People Directory and Document Management.

Power BI

Our built-in analytics and reporting is enhanced by PowerBI, allowing you to quickly create great looking reports of your key intranet metrics.

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Our clients. Intranet solutions for the enterprise.

Unily has worked with customers from all verticals to develop unique digital experiences that transform communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. Every project we take on is another opportunity to demonstrate the agility of the product and the reliability of our established success framework.


Celenese is a technology and speciality materials company with a global workforce that spans from Dallas to Amsterdam to Shanghai. With 7,700 employees speaking 10 languages, Celanese required a platform with outstanding multilingual capabilities. The speciality materials company identified Unily as a best-in-class provider to further employee communications and engagement via a feature-rich, multilingual desktop and mobile app intranet experience.

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This much-loved chocolatier first adopted a Unily intranet in 2014 to reignite their internal brand presence and help connect disparate employees back into the organization. Since then, Godiva has seen multiple improvements and updates to their internal intranet site as part of Unily’s on-going roadmap.

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Global manufacturing organization dorma+kaba gave their users a united intranet platform that catered to 17,000 multilingual and diverse users. Read their case study to learn more about how Unily allows dorma+kaba to innovate from within using social networking and how they increased internal communications readership by 800%.

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