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Wiggle's Unily Hub Customer Success Story

Founded in the UK, Wiggle is the leading online global retailer for cycling, running and swimming selling in over 70 countries, 10 languages and 14 currencies. In recent years Wiggle has seen unprecedented growth of its business across the globe, however the organization had been using a basic WordPress site to share organizational news, with no way to collaborate internally.

Wiggle wanted to take full advantage of the scalability of the Microsoft Cloud to support their growth. Having never used SharePoint or Office 365 before, Wiggle needed a partner who could provide a solution built on the technology, as well as provide them with ongoing support.

Wiggle chose to adopt the Azure based Intranet as-a-Service Unily Hub. that integrates with Office 365. The Unily solution not only unified the comprehensive functionality of Office 365 into a single enterprise scale portal, but also delivers inclusive ongoing consultancy, technical support and a customer-led roadmap of new features. This cohesive approach supports Wiggle in their shift towards new collaborative and more productive ways of working.

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Personalized and Localized Internal Communications

In a rapidly expanding, fast-paced environment, it is essential for Wiggle to have effective internal communications functionality to keep employees on the pulse of the organization. A front and center dynamic smart feed on the homepage and Stories page of the intranet has marked a step change in the way internal communications and information is being made relevant to users. Intranet managers can target which information is most relevant to particular groups of employees, additionally users are empowered to manage this personalized content by choosing topics they’re interested in reading about in a couple of clicks. The intranet’s multi-lingual capabilities ensure that all employees feel connected to communications, despite their location or language preference.

Unily Hub's unique Content Management System that requires no previous SharePoint knowledge, has enabled Internal Communications and HR teams to own the intranet, rather than needing to rely on the IT department to push out key messaging.

Social at Heart

In order to provide new ways for employees to share ideas and communicate, Unily Hub is fully integrated with Enterprise Social Network Yammer. Delivered as a part of the Office 365 platform and surfaced alongside the static intranet content within the Unily solution, Yammer is supporting two-way engagement for Wiggle’s employees. Staff are able to have targeted discussions using Yammer groups and can mention colleagues in discussions helping to bring co-workers together in relevant business discussions.

Unily Hub’s architecture means it’s highly customizable and Wiggle decided to utilize this to take the social aspects of their intranet to the next level.

With a prolific social media presence and a very successful stand-alone site for the Wiggle blog, project leaders wanted to develop a unique ‘Hub’ to present users with a digest of this content. With posts drawn in from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more, Wiggle’s employees are reminded of their customer centric ethos, as well as having a view of all the latest content the company has shared.

Connecting People and Resources Together

Wiggle’s new directory enables users to search for colleagues based on skills, location, department and job title. Profile pages provide a place for employees to showcase their experience and skills, display contact information for quicker access to team members, and with Skype for Business integration instant real time communication is quicker than ever.

Before adopting Office 365, Wiggle’s employees were storing and collaborating on documents through the use of shared folders in a network drive. By adopting Unily, the business was able to deliver a new cutting edge document management solution for all users, utilizing SharePoint Sites through SharePoint Online and document collaboration through OneDrive for Business, delivered as part of Office 365.

Document features such as being able to set a document as a template, utilize version control, and simultaneously edit documents all help to deliver more coherent views of information across functional teams. This is allowing staff to seamlessly collaborate while keeping all content in line with organizational standards. The inclusion of drag and drop document upload and powerful refining search have made getting content into the intranet, and crucially, finding content quicker and more efficient.

Wiggle’s Unily Intranet is Improving Customer Experience

Could Unily Improve Yours?

Through the use of Unily Hub, Wiggle’s employees are now driving cross functional communication and collaboration, which is resulting in faster and better consumer experiences. Their HR department have acted as significant champions of the solution and instantly got to grips with the idea of working more collaboratively. The growth of the platform has continued in new and exciting ways with better lines of communication and collaboration now established between customer services and buying and purchasing departments resulting in increased productivity and operational unity.
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