The Unily Roadmap

Our in-house team of developers, consultants and customer success managers work together to feedback into the Unily roadmap, ensuring that you always have the best intranet available.

Reference Name Release Type Status Description
#1234567890 Profile Documents Fall 2015 Improvement Shipped Add documents Authored by user when your viewing a profile.
#1234567890 Multi lingual Fall 2015 Improvement Shipped Enable tags to be translated into multiple Languages
#1234567890 Yammer UX Fall 2015 Improvement Shipped change the activity feed link to conversations and improve the UX
App Analytics Fall 2015 Improvement Ready to develop Add analytics for Apps and Tools usage
Change Blog navigation item to Stories on IOS app Fall 2015 Improvement Shipped Change the Navigation item to stories and display Video, News and insights
Make content translatable on IOS app Fall 2015 Improvement Shipped Replicate the machine translation features on desktop.
Add follow subject tags to IOS app Fall 2015 Improvement Shipped Create a new view to enable users to manage news tags they follow.
Smart feed Content for IOS APP Fall 2015 New Shipped Replicate the content on the smart feed on the homepage of the IOS app.
Add apps and tools to header search Fall 2015 New Shipped Add apps and tools to header search
Workspace provisioning Fall 2016 Improvement In design Enable the creation of pre configured workspaces
Integrate Delve Spring 2016 New In design Integrate Delve into Documents and Profile page.
Stories Archive Fall 2015 New Shipped Based on the same people and docs experience users are able to view all stories and filter based on type. Wherever stories are tagged users are able to click on tag which takes then to this page and prepopulates search with the tag enabling users to see all stories with the tag
Adding selected content types to Document search Fall 2015 New Shipped a Document manager is able to create a new CT i.e. Policies and select if its available as a refiner in the documents experience. If it is it appears as a button on the search panel
The Intranet of Things Fall 2016 New In design Pages that are associated with things i.e. physical locations, products, Equipment and an associated CMS
Tribes Fall 2015 New Shipped Pages that are associated with Groups i.e. departments and an associated CMS
Gamification Fall 2016 New In design Individual •Contributor Score (Algorithm) creating insights, creating Yammer posts, Completing profile •Engagement (Analytics) Time spent engaging with content i.e. reading news watching videos downloading docs •Influencer Score (Algorithm) Other people liking insights yammer posts, yammer comments – commenting on content number of followers •Profile Completeness (Algorithm) completing each section of the profile •Profile Views (Analytics) how many and who Department •Contribution (Algorithm) Rolled up from the individual contributor score •Landing Page Views / time on page (Analytics) Score based on average weekly views and time spent on page •Content Quality (Analytics) Score based on amount of engagement there is with the departments content i.e. if a user is in sales and they create an insight the page views on this content will count towards this score. As will document views where the documents are owned by department or individual within it. •Number of followers
Alerts and Notification Summer 2016 New In design Notify and Alert based on events and signals from SharePoint, Analytics, Office graph and Yammer.
Shutter Stock Integration Fall 2016 Improvement In design Integrate Shutter stock to enable post publishers to choose images.
Employee On boarding App Fall 2016 New Under consideration Build a self contained app of on boarding and off boarding employees.
Web forms, polls and surveys Spring 2016 New Ready to ship Web forms, polls and survey will be creatable from within the content management system and embedded onto designated pages
Email Newsletter Spring 2016 New Ready to ship Email broadcast feature from within the Content Management System allowing content editors to send information to their selected groups.

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