Simple, Seamless Multi-Lingual Intranets & Communications

Multi-Language Navigation and Automated Content Translation

For many global organizations, the need for a central, multi-lingual intranet and internal communications solution is imperative to engaging employees across the organization and instilling a consistent message.

Our complete digital workplace solution Unily Hub and our internal communications platform Unily Engage both have multi-lingual at heart, providing 1:1 content translation and localization capabilities to engage and support every user equally.

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Smarter Multi-Lingual Intranets & Communications

From our experience with multi-lingual intranets over the years, we’ve found the problem was the high cost and effort of creating and maintaining multiple language versions of the same content.

With Unily Hub and Engage, our unique Content Management System uses Azure machine translation services to rapidly translate Stories content including News, Blogs, Videos and Events, but allows content editors to edit the translation and check for errors. This ensures total control on the messaging going out to employees, no matter what language they speak. Your users simply set their appropriate language and Unily delivers the appropriate content and navigation to them.

Directions in Your Language

As well as 1:1 internal communications translation capabilities, Unily also allows for all other content on Unily Hub and Unily Engage to be translated 1:1 to ensure users have the directions they need to work efficiently. Main navigations, apps and tools and search taxonomies can all be rapidly localised within the Content Management System, allowing users to navigate, search and work in their primary language at all times. Users simply choose what language they want to see and all content with a translation available is shown in their native language. It’s as easy as that.

Intranet and Internal Comms Solutions for the Enterprise

Award-Winning Multi-lingual Capabilities

Unily Hub and Unily Engage have already proven to be leading multi-lingual solutions for the enterprise. With deployments spanning the globe and many languages, talk to our team about how you too can obtain the standout adoption and efficiency metrics achieved by other Unily users.
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Unily Intranet on Various Devices

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