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Unily Engage. The Internal Communication Solution that Connects Your Employees

Unily Engage is the answer for organizations who want all of their employees to have access to company internal communications, but may not require the full Office 365-based experience that comes with Unily Hub. It is the perfect version for employees who may represent a retail brand in a store front or work off-site in a warehouse environment. Packed full of the best internal communication functionality, Unily Engage accelerates your ability to communicate and target every employee no matter their role, location or device.

Unily Engage on Various Devices

All the Tools you Need to Engage your Entire Workforce

Personalized Internal Communications

Internal communications are created and delivered barrier-free. It simply doesn’t matter what device employees utilize, where they are located, what language they speak or what role they fill in the company. Unily Hub delivers the content they need quickly, relevantly and responsively.

People Directory & Profiles

Each employee has their own People Profile, integrated with Azure Active Directory to share their expertise and essential information, all seamlessly integrated with Skype for Business for instant communication. A supporting Directory with a rapid refining search connects People, Groups and Equipment in seconds.

Native Mobile Apps

Unily delivers native apps for Windows, Android and iOS. The full-featured mobile experience goes beyond the ability to receive content passively, allowing users to dynamically search for what they need. Access to the people directory enables employees to locate their colleagues and connect with them directly.

Broadcast Center

Market to your own employees with rapid, intuitive newsletter publication and alerts and notifications. Direct from the CMS, content editors can ensure they're feeding the right information to targeted groups, on whatever channel. Push notifications to mobile help to enagage remote workers, ensuring all employees never miss a beat.

1:1 Translation

Unily has been created to break down barriers, delivering unrivalled multi-lingual capabilities. Multi-lingual content publishing is simple with our intuitive Content Management System, auto translating content with a click of a button. Employees participate on one united platform in their own language, without compromising the content or experience.

Badges & Gamification

Gamification functionality in the form of profile Badges helps to drive motivation of employees and interaction with the intranet. Content editors can create custom badges to reward anything from subject matter experts, compliance or individual achievements. Badges are highlighted direct on employee's profiles, encouraging competition amongst peers.

Forms, Polls and Surveys

Task management and feedback is easy with Unily's built in Forms, Polls and Surveys. All managed through the Content Management System, content editors can quickly create their own forms and monitor incoming completions and communications.

Intuitive CMS

The unique Content Management System built on Microsoft Azure has been created with non-technical users in mind. Intuitive and user friendly, all users are empowered to utilize publishing functionality without relying on IT support.

Unily Engage Keeps All Your Employees in the Loop

Your employees want to be informed and feel empowered. Until now, fast and targeted dissemination of information to the furthest reaches of an organization may have been difficult and costly. With Unily Engage’s powerful connection and content delivery system, you can get your message out to employees that need to know, regardless of their geography, language or device choice.

Content That's Easily Created and Personalized

Unily Engage comes with a best-in-class Content Management System (CMS) that requires no SharePoint knowledge, empowering your communications team to own messaging without the need for IT support. This intuitive system removes common barriers that prevent the authoring and publishing of quality content quickly to the right audiences. Content can be targeted directly to employees, but there is also flexibility for employees to personalize their experience by subscribing to topics specific to their needs and interests. In-stream communications are supported by both email newsletters and push notifications to mobile devices. Key messages will never be missed again.

Unily Content Management System on Desktop

Connecting People is the Key to Collaboration

Every day you need to interact with your co-workers to share success-critical knowledge. Unily Engage makes finding and connecting with the right people simple. The directory experience is intelligently constructed offering searches based on location, skill, department, and projects. Intuitive searching, combined with the ability to connect directly through the Unily interface, means that borders, language and location no longer keep your people, or their knowledge, separated.

Unily Enterprise Social Features on Mobile

Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity

Unily internal communications system on iPhone

We live in a connected and mobile world. If your organization’s internal communications are not accessible to employees outside of the workplace or work hours, you are not only missing an opportunity to realize greater efficiencies, you are also not providing an anticipated communication experience for your employees.

Unily Engage brings device-agnostic, branded communications to your people allowing them to connect to your business whenever and however works best for them. It’s easy to empower your organization with Unily Engage.

No Language Barriers

We believe a company should only need one intranet that serves as the center source of all content and collaboration, but in the past we have seen language and cultural barriers prevent a single solution. Unily is your single source solution. It has been created to break down barriers, delivering unrivaled multi-lingual capabilities. One-to-one language specific content publishing is simple with Unily Hub’s intuitive Content Management System. Your employees will participate in your digital workspace, in their own language, without compromising the content or experience.

Extensive Insights

Unily Insight Functionality on Desktop

Knowing the reach of your communications helps you tailor your approach to keep reaching for perfection. Unily Engage’s reporting is built around providing you with the insights to understand your users’ behaviors, preferences and nuances while avoiding data overload. It is this knowledge that can be acted upon. You can drill down into specifics of geography, devices or departments to maintain and build high user adoption and engagement. The Unily Success Team will work with you to keep you on the path of constant improvement, regardless of the changes and challenges that are inherent within dynamic organizations.

Built for the Enterprise

With its power to communicate and connect your employees, Unily Engage will be a business critical application. It has been built to withstand the highest demands of global enterprises and their users. Unlike most SAAS solutions, your Unily Engage instance is single tenanted. This gives you even greater confidence and control. Your own personalized Unily Engage system runs on the Microsoft Azure platform, chosen for its power, security and reliability. The Unily Team monitors each of these environments around-the-clock, working to anticipate and prevent problems from ever occurring. Confidence, but not complacency comes standard with Unily.

Unily Intranet Architecture
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Unily has Products to Suit All Employees

Unily People Directory on Mobile

All employees need access to internal communications and colleagues to feel part of an organization and to connect to the company ethos. However, for lots of your employees, they might need more from their digital workplace - a place to collaborate digitally without barriers, chat with colleagues and work on projects and documents. Our Unily Hub product provides a full-featured digital workplace solution for those employees who need more from their technology. Discover more about Unily Hub.

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