Take advantage of powerful and personalized internal communications. From head office to the front line.

Using Unily’s intuitive and flexible internal communications solutions, you can update individual employees, teams, and departments anywhere in the world at any time. Content creation and publishing is simple and powerful with a feature-packed communications solution that can be fully personalized by individual users. With Unily, internal communications have never been easier.

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Internal Communications. Simplified.

With Unily, creating and publishing content within your organization is easier than ever before. The intuitive tools and easy-to-use interface of our internal communications solution mean anyone in your company can now create, publish, and share content with team members across the world—with minimal training.

Unily makes it easy to provide information and drive engagement with your employees by sharing your knowledge quickly and effortlessly. You can use Unily to create fresh and engaging content including news, events, blogs, announcements, videos, and more. Or you can delegate content creation to an expert easily and securely using our custom content management system.

So make your internal communications fast, agile, and responsive with a flexible system that works for everyone in your organization. With Unily, creating and publishing content within your organization has never been simpler.

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Targeted and personalized communications

Unily makes it simple to personalize your content for different teams, roles, individuals, locations, or projects according to your preferences, providing a huge amount of flexibility. Easily target groups of users you want to engage directly from within the CMS, and you have complete freedom to decide who your content reaches.

In addition, multilingual support means content is translated directly within the CMS. Editors can easily combine machine translated content with 1:1 translations, helping to spread your message further and ensure nothing is ever lost in translation. Global organizations need global solutions, and Unily's multilingual support expands the reach of your internal communications.

Users can also personalize the content they receive by choosing to only view the topics that interest them. Personalization is quick and easy, and it ensures that you are maximizing engagement throughout your organization.

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Increase engagement with full social integration

Social elements have been incorporated into Unily to ensure that users can engage further with internal communications by reacting to the content they receive in the way that they want to. Using Unily’s in-built social features or through Yammer integration, users can communicate and collaborate in real time as they share comments and react to internal communications with ease.

Messaging and commenting is simple and intuitive in both the desktop and mobile versions, so users can share content wherever they are. Unily's superb social integration features not only increase user engagement but also help to spread content throughout the organization to increase its visibility, ensuring that the most important updates are seen by their intended readers.

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Access content anywhere, anytime

Whether you run a global organization with staff all over the world, or your employees work flexibly, you will want them to be able to access their messages wherever they are and at any time. With Unily, users can receive and access content from anywhere with our native mobile apps.

No matter whether you need to reach users on their office PC or on a cellphone on another continent, you can ensure seamless content delivery at any time through push notifications that are sent to users' phones or desktops alerting them to stories wherever they are. There are no barriers and no restrictions, ensuring everyone is always up to date.

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Better internal communications. The right message at the right time.

Unily is more than just a standard internal communications solution for your organization. Its powerful and user-friendly features take your internal communications to a new level, ensuring anyone can send, receive, and react to engaging content wherever they are.

Whether you want to target specific people or teams, or you want a solution that provides users with the flexibility to prioritize the content they receive and decide how they react to it, Unily is the solution you’re looking for.

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Feature full. The complete digital workplace supporting the enterprise.

Unily is packed full of features beautifully designed to help you engage your global workforce. Available out-of-the-box, you can be live with cutting-edge digital workplace functionality in just weeks.


Keep everyone on your team up to date with fast and efficient internal communications.


Connect with your team quickly with a user-friendly directory search and rich profiles.


Find, collaborate and share documents intuitively with the best of Office 365 and Unily documents.


Communicate and collaborate in real time with built-in social integration right across the platform.

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Keep your employees in the loop with alerts, newsletters, and push notifications.


Improve task management and deliver feedback with forms, polls, and surveys.


Discover new ways to collaborate with Tribes and Sites in addition to standard SharePoint sites.


Inform your adoption strategy and gain insight into user behavior with powerful analytics.


Simplify content creation and empower every user with an intuitive content management system.

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Our Clients. SMB to Fortune 100.

We’ve worked with clients across all sectors and sizes, from UK based football clubs looking to improve internal communications to multi-lingual global enterprises who rely on Unily to be the central hub of digital activity for up to 120,000 users. Dive into our customer stories and videos to learn more about our clients and the unique ways they work with our flexible product.

Amec Foster Wheeler

With 44,000 employees from two distinct companies coming together, senior leadership knew they needed a new platform to deliver consistent communications and information to reassure and engage with employees at a time of great change. This new platform would not only help to bring the cultures together, but provide a one stop shop for every employee to access information to support their work.

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Amec Foster Wheeler


Wiggle is the leading online retailer for cycling, running and swimming across the globe and No.1 in Tri-Sports internet retail. In our case study, discover the journey of their first intranet solution, designed to drive communication, collaboration and support their rapidly expanding business.

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Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur FC is a globally recognized Football Club in the English Premier League, with a huge following and media presence. Spurs has rapidly transformed their communication, document management and task completion with a Unily intranet, making sure the entire team are on the same page.

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Tottenham Hotspur

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