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SharePoint and Office 365 have the capability to provide world-class collaboration functionality – but your users need help to utilize them. Unily Hub is the Intranet as a Service product that brings together Office 365; SharePoint Online, Yammer, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Delve and more into a single experience. Your users don’t need to know they’ve using multiple products to collaborate and communicate, helping to drive adoption.

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Office 365 + Microsoft SharePoint + More = Unily Hub

For over 10 years, we have been delivering SharePoint intranets using Microsoft technology. Bringing this experience to Unily, we realized that the more we integrate and streamline technology, the more value an enterprise can derive from it. Unily Hub incorporates more than just Microsoft SharePoint Online within Office 365, it has Yammer Enterprise Social Networking at its core, Skype for Business, One Drive for Business and Azure taking user data into the cloud. Having all of the ingredients is only the first step, it's how you bring them together that drives real results.

Unily Hub is built on the following technologies:

Microsoft Office 365 Logo
Office 365 is the premier cloud based productivity platform from Microsoft, incorporating a comprehensive set of tools.
Microsoft Azure Logo
Azure is Microsoft’s robust cloud hosting service which can be used to host a vast number of different enterprise workloads.
Microsoft SharePoint Logo
SharePoint delivers an unrivaled toolset for digital collaboration and greater productivity.
Yammer Logo
Yammer is Microsoft’s enterprise social platform expediting sharing and supporting unified communications.
Microsoft OneDrive Logo
Microsoft One Drive delivers impressive cloud storage with the ability to share content with colleagues.
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Skype for Business delivers instant messaging and video calling for on-the-spot communication.

A Feature-Full Intranet to Support your Employees

Personalized Internal Communications

Internal communications are created and delivered barrier-free. It simply doesn’t matter what device employees utilize, where they are located, what language they speak or what role they fill in the company. Unily Hub delivers the content they need quickly, relevantly and responsively.

Document Management

Unily Hub harnesses the best of Microsoft’s Document Management software SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business and enhances it with custom experiences to make it easier, faster and smarter. Intelligent tagging, unique refining search and Delve integration makes documents findable, saving your employees' time.

People Directory & Profiles

Each employee has their own People Profile, integrated with Azure Active Directory to share their expertise and essential information, all seamlessly integrated with Skype for Business for instant communication. A supporting Directory with a rapid refining search connects People, Groups and Equipment in seconds.

Collaboration Sites

As well as traditional SharePoint sites, Unily's custom Tribes and Microsites allow you to rapidly create visually engaging pages that bring together news, people, resources, social channels and more that helps inform and engage employees. Whether it's Tribes to reflect different departments or Micro-sites to run a particular campaign, the power of collaboration is in your hands.

Seamless Social Networking

Social capabilities are threaded throughout the experience for real-time interaction, including people profiles, directory, events, polls, surveys and microsites. View the company Yammer feeds as well as specific groups you belong to from a single location. Like and share stories and follow people that interest you.

1:1 Translation

Unily has been created to break down barriers, delivering unrivalled multi-lingual capabilities. Multi-lingual content publishing is simple with our intuitive Content Management System, auto translating content with a click of a button. Employees participate on one united platform in their own language, without compromising the content or experience.

Forms, Polls and Surveys

Task management and feedback is easy with Unily's built in Forms, Polls and Surveys. All managed through the Content Management System, content editors can quickly create their own forms and monitor incoming completions and communications.

Broadcast Center

Market to your own employees with rapid, intuitive newsletter publication and alerts and notifications. Direct from the CMS, content editors can ensure they're feeding the right information to targeted groups, on whatever channel. Push notifications to mobile help to engage remote workers, ensuring all employees never miss a beat.

Badges & Gamification

Gamification functionality in the form of profile Badges helps to drive motivation of employees and interaction with the intranet. Content editors can create custom badges to reward anything from subject matter experts, compliance or individual achievements. Badges are highlighted direct on employee's profiles, encouraging competition amongst peers.

Native Mobile Apps

Unily delivers native apps for Windows, Android and iOS. The full-featured mobile experience goes beyond the ability to receive content passively, allowing users to dynamically search for what they need. Access to the people directory enables employees to locate their colleagues and connect with them directly.

Intuitive CMS

The unique Content Management System built on Microsoft Azure has been created with non-technical users in mind. Intuitive and user friendly, all users are empowered to utilize publishing functionality without relying on IT support.

Extensive Analytics

Insight and actionable information is provided through Unily Hub's monitoring and reporting engine. See information such as what people are looking for, who they are interacting with and which devices they are using. Insights can be uncovered at department, job role and geographical levels.

Beautiful user experiences to drive adoption SharePoint and Office 365

Unily Hub delivers leading user experiences backed up by powerful functionality. The investment in time and attention on the Unily interface is immediately apparent, whatever device you use and your brand is faithfully reproduced as part of the setup process. Whether it’s publishing a news article, creating a new collaboration site, editing a document or finding a colleague, each experience is intuitive and smooth, minimizing the amount of user training needed. This ease of use helps users get to grips with the Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 tools at their disposal.

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