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A Powerful Mobile Intranet for the Demanding Enterprise

Your users need to be connected wherever they are, via the devices they choose. Unily Hub intranets enable all of your workers to be able to access knowledge, collaborate and be informed whenever and wherever they chose. Unily Hub delivers a hugely powerful Microsoft SharePoint based intranet experience across all devices with mobile intranet access being provided by both a fully responsive web interface and through native mobile apps.

Whatever the device, the responsive Unily Hub interface presents your content within a beautifully custom branded interface, with consumer level user experiences for the enterprise. Users on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows and Android devices also have the choice of accessing the Unily Hub intranet through a native App.

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Mobile Intranets Anywhere

Once downloaded and authenticated, one tap takes your users into the Unily Hub intranet that provides the same high level of functionality and interface as the desktop experience. The Unily Hub Intranet App has been designed around the differing needs of a mobile user, but without restricting or cutting out vital functionality. The Unily Hub native mobile apps put more power into the hands of your users to collaborate and connect with your organization.

Stunning Mobile Intranets That Pack a Punch

Delivering for users wherever they are

Integrated Functionality

Unily Hub Intranets bring together the functionality of all the core elements of the Microsoft enterprise technology stack in a more integrated and more efficient way. The Unily Hub mobile experience is no exception. Your users can do more on their mobile device whether in the App or in a browser. For example our deep integration of Yammer means that your mobile users will be able comment and share content as well as access their feeds from within the Unily Hub App just as they would on a desktop device.

Mobile Intranet Everywhere

Delivering the full Unily Hub experience on the full range of mobile devices means that your users can be in touch everywhere they go. Data is optimised for the App and mobile connections to eliminate wait and speed the process of getting to what a user needs. Pass-through authentication means that grabbing a quick update when on the go is easy for your employees.

News & information When It Counts

Getting the message out to remote, geographically diverse teams has been a challenge for internal comms teams. A better mobile experience means that those users who don’t sit in front of computers aren’t the last to know about your important messages. A better mobile intranet experience means more frequent and in-depth use by those people who often need your communications the most.

No Compromise Mobile Apps

The Unily Hub Mobile Intranet Apps are not a compromise for the user. They provide all of the functionality that the user needs, simply packaged for handheld devices. Users get a native experience so things work the way they expect and your Unily Hub intranet is branded for your organization. User’s content personalization means that they still see the content they want, in the language they need.

Unily Mobile Intranet Apps

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