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In the fast paced world of retail, you need an Intranet that keeps you ahead of the competition.

Retail is fast-paced; trends move faster, consumers want products faster, innovation drives change. In this environment, your staff need to be supported with an intranet and communication toolset that helps them get ahead of the competition, not hold them back. A rapidly scalable, user-experience and design focused, cloud-based digital workplace platform that is improved upon continually is what you need – Unily Hub and Engage is what you need.

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A Flexible, Fast, Easy Digital Workplace Solution

With Unily solutions being supplied on an as-a-Service basis, you only pay for those users you need, with the access they need. Opening new stores? Expanding into new regions? Increasing back office operations? No problem, just add the users without worry about infrastructure & set-up. Whether knowledge workers using the Unily Hub digital workplace, or shop floor workers using Unily Engage to catch up on the latest internal communications, they all work together seamlessly, branded to reflect your own unique personality. Simple and intuitive to use, Unily Hub and Engage immediately become part of an employees normal working practice.

Deliver Your Staff a Consumer Quality Experience

You spend a lot of time and attention on all of your customer touch points, but your staff deliver your brand on a face-to-face basis. They deserve the same consumer quality experience when it comes to your intranet. Unily Intranets and communication tools have a brand interface layer to ensure that employee experiences are always fully on-brand, whether on the desktop version or via the native mobile App access.

Engagement isn’t skin deep. With Unily you can deliver content by groups/locations/whatever suits you and allow users to create a unique personalized experience of the intranet so they can easily access what they want, without filtering through information that isn't relevant to them. You also have the facility to run surveys and questionnaires amongst your staff across the Hub and Engage solutions. Content comes with Unily's integral social capabilities so that people can participate, share and collaborate around what they have seen, watched or listened to.

Unily Hub – A Social Intranet At Its Core

Enterprise social media and networking has exploded in use in recent years. We understand how important it is to open up new ways of communication. That's why Unily Hub has internal social networking built into its core. The Yammer platform is so embedded that users do not even see it as a separate element. Commenting on a blog or giving content the thumbs up is all handled seamlessly by underlying Yammer capability, leaving your employees with a single digital experience. Unily Hub users also benefit from being able to start discussions around projects, documents and ideas, with either specific teams or regions, or a handful of disperse individuals. The functionality is there to allow people to communicate faster, in a less formulaic manner, delivering innovation, faster decisions and insights for the business.

Access your Retail Intranet Wherever Its Needed

Your staff are often on the move, doing business on the ground, at suppliers, with partners or when looking at competitors. They need to be able to access your retail intranet whenever the need to use it, from finding information to contacting a colleague. Unily goes beyond simply having a responsive interface for different devices, it also has native mobile apps for your users. The native App experiences are still fully branded to your business and functionality is optimized to ensure consistent experiences and ease of use from any device, without any delay or lag. The award-winning mobile aspects of Unily make it the perfect solution for those organizations who rely on employees who are out in the field.

Make a Cloud Intranet Specific to Your Retail Organization

Most Intranet-as-a-Service offerings limit your customization and integration options due to their architecture. Not Unily. Unily Hub Intranets are built on Office 365 and Azure giving you the most powerful and customizable intranet and internal communications backbone that you could ask for. This means that we can deliver you exactly the intranet you need now through customizations and integrations with other systems, imperative to retail organizations looks for a single digital workplace. With our experience in delivering intranets to the retail sector you might be thinking about some of the following examples for your intranet system, all of which we can achieve with Unily:

  • Integrate eCommerce systems for Click-&-Collect order picking / collection at store
  • Automated compliance reporting across stores for daily / weekly tasks
  • BI dashboard for management insights and reports like product performance
  • Ordering systems integration
  • Message forward scheduling & document expiry

With a Unily Hub Intranet you are not tying your hands technically from what your intranet can do now and in the future. It’s the power of cloud, without the penalty of restrictions.

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