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With the face of retail rapidly transforming, leverage next-generation tools and technology to set your enterprise apart as an industry leader. In the fast-paced retail environment, your diverse workforce needs to be supported with an EXP that helps them stay ahead of the competition. Unily delivers great-looking, cloud-based, mobile intranets for retail organizations, providing a centralized digital location to improve the flow of knowledge, support global collaboration and enable better efficiency. The world's leading retailers run on Unily.


  • McDonald's
  • Caleres
  • Crayola
  • ELC
  • PVH
  • Best Buy
  • "Unily fit our vision and met our strict security protocols on the backend. We’re very excited to be working with Unily to design an intranet that will enable our employees to feel more connected."

    Scott Parker - Communications Specialist at Best Buy
  • "Unily will elevate a personalized employee experience and foster our strong, inclusive culture that ensures every employee feels valued."

    Kerry O’Donnell - Executive Director, Information Technology at Estée Lauder Companies
  • "Unily’s implementation team has been top-notch and their customer service has been very responsive. Employees love the look and feel of our new intranet."

    Orville Trout - SVP Human Resources, Corporate Affairs and Administration at Crayola

Inspire and retain

If your retail enterprise has become a revolving door for new hires, you have a problem. Poor retention rates can eat away at your bottom line and cause morale to plummet. But what can retail enterprises do to shed their reputation as a high-turnover industry? Start by equipping your entire workforce with the tools needed to thrive. Launch training programs on your intranet to empower employees to reach their full potential as well as recognition efforts to keep spirits high.

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Create a single source of truth

As the pace of change accelerates, so does the structural complexity of many retail enterprises. For larger organizations, miscommunication and segmentation may feel almost inevitable, as uncertainty about departmental changes looms large. A comprehensive internal communications strategy is the best tool to unite your evolving workforce and prevent crucial knowledge from slipping through the cracks. Take advantage of your intranet’s CMS to craft engaging content that can be targeted to specific audiences to maximize reach and relevancy.

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Turn your workforce into product specialists

80% of consumers rate knowledgeable staff as very important, yet information gaps continue to weigh down frontline teams. A mobile optimized intranet will ensure that product knowledge and policies are always well within reach, in turn leveling up customer satisfaction and employee experience in one.

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Become your industry's trendsetter

With consumer behavior changing in the blink of an eye, innovation is the only way retailers will be able to keep a loyal customer base. But how can you ensure your enterprise is leading the way, as opposed to following in the competition’s footsteps? Your employees have the best insights into who your consumers are and what they’re looking for. Instead of keeping this knowledge siloed, empower your workforce to share their thoughts via an ideation hub that will pave the way for the next generation of fan-favorite products.

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Connect your frontline

Frontline workers often find it hard to engage with their wider organization as they lack the technology to do so. Supplying these workers with powerful mobile intranet experiences can increase engagement, providing a direct channel of communication between head office and the shop floor. Not only does this rejuvenate the employee experience, it also provides frontline workers with access to key information that can help them deliver better service to customers.

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Match your external brand

Your brand is a powerful tool for customers, helping you stand out in a crowded market. However, the rapid innovation that customers now expect when shopping is often not reflected internally within a retail organization. This means that those tasked with delivering the brand face-to-face, such as the shop floor staff, are often poorly equipped to do their job brilliantly. Unily can be branded to your exact guidelines, allowing you to represent your brand as perfectly internally as it is externally. From colors to logos to creating your own intranet sub-sites that perfectly match the personalities of your teams, your Unily intranet is a powerful tool to bring your diverse workforce closer to your brand.

Great user experience is also central to Unily’s design, with every experience highly designed to make digital tools easier for your users to understand and use. With consumer-level experiences across the product, your users will get to grips with Unily with minimal training. Unily also looks great and works seamlessly across tablet and mobile devices, ensuring that your extended workforce who don’t have access to a desktop can stay as connected to the organization as your Head Office workers.

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United retail intranet. Bring multiple systems together.

For retail in particular, employees have a variety of day-to-day systems they use to keep customers happy, whether it’s to look up product availability, dispatch an order, manage a customer query or update a website. Most Intranet-as-a-Service offerings limit your customization and integration options due to their architecture. Not Unily. Unily Intranets are built on Azure giving you the most powerful and customizable intranet and internal communications backbone that you could ask for. This means that we can deliver exactly the intranet you need now through customizations and integrations with other systems, imperative to retail organizations looks for a single digital workplace.

With our experience in delivering intranets to the retail sector some of the integrations we’ve seen in the past include: integrating eCommerce systems for Click & Collect order picking, automated compliance reporting for stores for daily/weekly tasks, BI dashboard for management insights and reports like product performance and ordering system integration.

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