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We are passionate about empowering our customers to overcome their communication, engagement and productivity challenges with award-winning digital workplace experiences that transform enterprise performance. Our Partners are too. Unily Partners add value by providing businesses with the support they need to identify and realize the substantial benefits that Unily has to offer. We help our partners outperform their competitors, achieve organizational objectives, and maximize their clients' success.

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Become a Unily Partner

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What will you get as a partner

We want our partners to be the best they can be. Our Customer Success Team are here to provide you with all the tools and guidance you need to open up new revenue streams and deliver the latest innovations to your clients. As a Unily partner, you will receive exclusive access to the following:

  • Opportunity to work with existing Unily customer base
  • Opportunity to create new revenue streams through referral and delivery program
  • Partner business plan & co-sell support
  • Our Universe customer community site
  • Unily demonstration environment
  • Sales training and collateral
  • Technical resource and marketing support
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Why partner with Unily

Work with a platform that enables you to build award-winning digital workplace experiences for your clients, with desktop, mobile, and digital signage solutions that can be launched in just six weeks.

Open up new revenue streams and gain access to an array of award-winning tools and resources to drive results for your customers. Get introduced to new client opportunities with our Partner Success program to enrich your existing portfolio.

Empower your customers to overcome their barriers and reach their goals faster, with a solution that proven to deliver for the world's largest enterprises.

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Where next? Latest insights.

Future of the sustainable workplace in the age of COVID-19 and climate change launch event

We are living in a time of great and immediate change. COVID-19 and climate change are just two of the most obvious forces impacting our way of life. With mass disruptions promising to transform how we work and live, sustainability is rising on the global agenda. In this webinar, we bring together experts in the field of sustainability, employee experience, and technology to discuss how we can seize opportunities to accelerate the transition to sustainable workplaces. As business leaders, how can we use this time of disruption as a catalyst for positive change and what does the sustainable future workplace look like?

Why sustainability needs to be a focus of post-pandemic internal communications

Sustainability will be a non-negotiable priority in the new world of work. By exploring the key insights from our latest report, Future of the Sustainable Workplace, your internal comms team can launch new messaging strategies that will align your workforce as you build a better tomorrow.

What to look for in a next gen intranet

The world of work is changing rapidly, and enterprise technology is no exception. As organizations increasingly look to innovative tools to underpin new ways of working, many leaders are re-evaluating their digital infrastructure. Does your intranet have what it takes to be considered next-generation?

Unily releases Future of the Sustainable Workplace Report in partnership with Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Unily is pleased to announce the launch of our newest report, the Future the Sustainable Workplace in the age of COVID-19 and Climate Change. In partnership with renowned sustainability expert, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, we explore how sustainability and climate change are shaping how we work and live, and how the pandemic is presenting opportunities to redesign our workplaces for a more sustainable future.

6 ways an employee experience platform delivers ROI

With employee experience key to sustainability in a tumultuous climate, it’s crucial to level up your intranet with an employee experience platform. As the move to remote work continues to trend upwards, never has a digital platform that targets employee experience been more important.

Future of the sustainable workplace in the age of COVID-19 and climate change

Discover how the pandemic is presenting new opportunities to accelerate the transition to more sustainable workplaces in our newly released report in partnership with leading environmentalist Dr. Leyla Acaroglu.