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In a fast-paced, dynamic working world, you can’t afford to have an intranet platform that can’t keep up. Businesses need to be responsive and implement innovative technological changes swiftly. Modern expectations of users are high, so organizations that choose to develop an intranet platform from scratch unfortunately often end up with an end result that is less than satisfactory.

As a result, more businesses are deciding to opt for a turnkey intranet solution instead of custom-made platforms which take much longer to build.

Unily delivers high-quality, out-of-the-box intranet platforms that are ready to go in just weeks, with an outstanding user experience for your company and tons of useful extra features.

Keep reading to discover why you should invest in a turnkey intranet platform.

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  • McDonald's
  • AIG
  • Cardinal Health
  • ELC
  • Shell
  • Baker Hughes
  • L'Oreal
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Canon
  • BD
  • EY
  • Comcast
  • CVS
  • Cognizant
  • J&J
  • Best Buy
  • ADP
  • AMEX

The intranet application for the new generation

Unily is the culmination of years of building custom intranets for clients all over the world. With Unily, your enterprise has access to cutting edge communication and collaboration tools in a matter of weeks. Thanks to Unily's mobile first philosophy, your users will feel engaged no matter where they are, with a seamless mobile experience from any device.

Unily's evergreen roadmap ensures that your intranet software stays up-to-date with the latest features. Take the hassle of maintaining your platform away from your IT team and put the power of customizing and configuring your intranet in the hands of your intranet managers.

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An intranet platform that’s easier to manage

Custom intranet systems can be complex, which makes it tricky to fix when things go wrong, or changes need to be made. Your IT team would need to invest time and resources to understand complex coding and functionalities.

An out-of-the-box intranet solution uses common coding that can be easily understood by most developers. Unily can deliver a platform with functionalities that even non-tech savvy people can understand, freeing up your IT team to concentrate on more critical business needs. It also has the added benefit of not being too reliant on your IT team, should employees with specialist knowledge of your platform leave the organization.

And if you really need help, we offer 24/7 support so that you can keep on working when we solve the problem.

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From creating a launch strategy to reviewing monthly analytics, our dedicated Onboarding, Customer Success, and Support teams provide personalized guidance to bring your employee experience goals to life. Inspiration is always around the corner with an active community available 24/7 on our exclusive customer portal, Universe, plus an annual digital workplace conference like no other – Unite.


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Easily integrate with other online platforms

Unily can deliver so much more than just a traditional intranet platform; we aim to create a platform at the core of your digital workplace. Your business can opt to integrate external applications employees are already using - your intranet platform can become a digital hub for your organization.

Unily is built on Microsoft Azure which has a flexible infrastructure. We can quickly and easily develop an out-of-the-box intranet platform tailored to your specific needs and allowing you to continue using the same applications your organization already uses.

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Deep dive into Unily

Watch a demo of the out-of-the-box-intranet that powers employee experience for leading enterprises.

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Take a deep dive into Unily

Watch a demo of the platform that powers employee experience for leading enterprises.

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