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A modern business needs a modern solution when it comes to choosing an intranet. Custom intranets are slow to deploy and they often do not prioritize user-friendliness. Unily is an out-of-the-box solution that is fast to deploy and easy to use. Your employees can create, share, and react to internal communications with ease and enjoy seamless integration with enterprise apps. Unily truly is the modern intranet your organization needs.

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Unily transforms the Hershey company's digital workplace

Content for all with multilingual capabilities

Modern workforces are increasingly global. Intranets are designed to provide a one-stop-shop for all company news, resources and knowledge, however language barriers have prevented a single solution, until now. Unily’s award winning multilingual capabilities mean that employees from around the world can consume the same content at the same time. With AI supported translation, Unily provides an industry-leading multilingual experience that delivers advanced communication and collaboration to the workplace.

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Create your own pages with grids and widgets

Simple customization is a key part of the Unily philosophy. Creating dynamic layouts and functional pages shouldn’t require coding knowledge or IT support. With Unily, the ability to create pages easily using grids and widgets puts the control back in the hands of content managers, allowing for creation of intricate, built-for-purpose pages without the hassle of HTML. Users can choose from a growing range of widgets, including social and document feeds, task lists and email integration, dropping them into position on any page using a flexible grid to decide where they sit on the page. This unique architecture and advanced technical delivery ensures that your intranet can be launched rapidly to your business within in weeks.

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Discover the full value of your talent and technology with Unily Success

We’ve had enough experience implementing digital workplace solutions to know that developing a successful intranet is about more than selecting the right technology. For your intranet to thrive, it needs to be continuously evolving. That’s why we developed Unily Success.

Unily Success is about bringing our customers together to share best practices and innovate. Delivered through an online portal packed with resources and open discussions, as well as networking events held across the globe, our unique Success program gives customers all the support they need to get the best out of Unily.

Unily Success

Stay connected with a powerful mobile experience

Changing working styles mean that employees now need access to resources and communications on the go, from any device. Unily embraces this change by offering a fully responsive web interface and native mobile apps that deliver the functionality of a desktop device. Users can fill out forms, connect with colleagues, participate in social conversations and access key documents on whichever device is accessible at any given moment.

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Clients. SMB to Fortune 100.

Enterprise social. For a modern workforce.

The modern workforce has new expectations. Social networking has become a central component of everyday life, and employees expect workplace technology to meet their needs and extend the hyper-connective benefits they enjoy at home to the office.

One way to meet this demand is to create a digital workplace with enhanced social capabilities. Recognizing this, Unily has focused on creating a platform that embeds social functionality into every aspect of the intranet. Seamlessly integrated social features make posting new insights and interacting with wider company discussions not only possible, but intuitive.

Unily's social features invite engagement by allowing posting, tagging, commenting, @mentioning and following of content. The result is a collaborative space where knowledge sharing becomes part of work life.

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Adecco. Fuels digital transformation with a feature-full intranet.

As part of a wider vision for digital transformation, leading recruitment brand The Adecco Group in France, embarked on a mission to transform the working habits of its 9,000-strong workforce with a digital workplace that could reinvent communication, collaboration, and productivity in the workplace.

The new intranet, ADICT, supports employees situated in 1,000 offices in placing an average of 120,000 interim staff in temporary jobs every week. Part of the largest HR solution firm in the world, and the #1 human resources provider in France, The Adecco Group sought a suitably feature-rich digital workplace solution that could assist their continued domination of the industry. Unily stepped in with the answer.

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Where next? Latest insights.

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