The Hershey Company brings employees together with Unily

In this video case study, see how The Hershey Company united their global workforce with a new Unily intranet on Office 365. Press play to watch the video below.

The Hershey Company is one of the world’s largest providers of snack products, spreading cheer among consumers who delight on treats such as the original Hershey Kiss.  As an organization, it was necessary to unite employees around the world with a single hub for business productivity. The Hershey Company sought to do this on a Unily platform, incorporating Microsoft’s Office 365 solutions to reach maximum output potential through effective collaboration and communication

Download the intranet case study to learn more on how Unily empowered the Hershey company with:

  • A user experience that is simple and intuitive
  • A single hub that brings together disparate applications
  • A single place to find information and resources
  • A platform for communication and collaboration 
  • A social intranet to encourage participation and feedback
  • Sites for collaboration and information
  • Mobile apps for every device to keep the intranet in every employee's pocket

Download the complete guide

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