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Is there a setup fee for Unily?

Unily is configured and deployed with no setup fees. However, the amount of dedicated consulting time associated with setup is dictated by your chosen price plan. It is possible to purchase additional consulting time on top of what it is included in your subscription.

Deploying Unily On-premises or in a Hybrid scenario will incur certain setup fees based upon your unique requirements. For more information on how this works please get in touch.

What is a standard Unily subscription term?
A standard Unily subscription term ranges between 2 – 3 years mirroring the average half-life of modern intranet solutions. But, we guarantee that after this period you won’t be left with an outdated, archaic solution. For more details please get in touch.
Is branding of Unily included in the price?
Yes, branding is included as part of your initial setup. For more information please get in touch.
What are the charges associated with making changes to the home page layout?

Depending on the level of customization you would like to make to the Homepage, different charges apply. If you would like to edit the Homepage to surface or hide different information or content that currently exists within Unily, this is typically included. However, each customization is taken on a case by case basis as some may require extra time with our consulting team to detail requirements for build.

If you would like to add additional functionality to the Homepage that doesn't currently exist within the solution, this will be seen as additional customization and will adhere to our typical consulting costs. Please get in touch for more information.

Do you provide discounts for non-profit organizations?
The Unily team really believes in the great work that non-profit organizations do, and as such we do offer non-profit discounts. To find out how this might work for your organization please get in touch.
How secure is my data when using Unily?
Unlike many intranet-in-a-box solutions, Unily’s infrastructure has been designed with enterprise level security in mind. Utilizing a single tenanted architecture, your data is stored independently on separate SQL databases and separate Azure Storage Accounts to ensure maximum security. With the single tenanted approach additional measures can be included to enhance the already comprehensive data and access security measures. Our expert infrastructure team also work with you to customize your security settings on the front-end of your product, so your team only have access to the data they need. For more information please get in touch.
How does Unily integrate with Active Directory for populating information?
Active Directory can be integrated with your Unily deployment and can be set up to sync user profile information with your SharePoint profile within the intranet. We can assist with getting your users setup in Microsoft Azure Active Directory. For more details please get in touch.
Can I make my Unily intranet visible externally?
Yes, this is entirely possible and for more details on how this might work for your business please get in touch.
Can social capabilities be disabled?
We offer two options for social capability; Yammer as part of Office 365 and Unily Social. We utilize these social channels as we truly believe they promote real collaboration and communication potential - hence why it's an inherent part of the solution. However, if you would like to remove the social capabilities, this is completely possible. Alternatively, if you would like to replace Yammer or Unily Social with another social networking solution such as Salesforce Chatter, this is also possible but would require extra customizations. For more information please get in touch.
Can design/layout/functionality changes be made to Unily?

Unily's architecture is such to enable customizations that can meet your unique needs. If you require customization of the Homepage Widgets to surface different content from within Unily, this is typically included in your subscription dependent on the amount of time required to implement the change.

If you are looking to make further design, layout or functionality changes to the solution to meet your unique requirements, this is completely possible and very common for our enterprise clients. These customizations will be assessed on a case by case basis and charged dependent on consulting and build time. For more information please get in touch.

How do you handle processes like workflows and forms management in Unily?

Unily has out-of-the-box form functionality with forms created and managed within the Content Management System. Forms can be added to Stories and Sites easily within the CMS. Basic form workflows can also be created within the CMS e.g. sending an email to a user to notify them of a submission. To implement form functionality on any other core pages, additional consultancy will be required. For more information please get in touch.

Unily's Content Management System is capable of basic workflow functionality i.e. a workflow to approve a blog or to send an email based on a form completion. However, Unily does not come with any out-of-the-box workflows. Our consultants are experts are setting up workflows using SharePoint's out-of-the-box functionality or creating custom workflows to meet your specific requirements. Unily can also integrate with Workflow products such as K2 and Nintex. For more information please get in touch.

What are the hosting options for Unily (on-premises, hybrid, cloud)?

Unily deployment options include cloud, hybrid scenarios and on-premises. A complete cloud deployment of Unily takes full advantage of the Office 365 productivity suite, with a monthly subscription model and no deployment costs. Deploying Unily in a Hybrid or on-premises scenario offers all the powerful functionality of the SharePoint platform, transformed and augmented to deliver amazing features and user experiences. If you have an existing on premises infrastructure, you can take full advantage of Unily without retiring your investments.

If deployed as a stand-alone product, Unily is only available on the cloud using Windows Azure. For more information please get in touch.

If my Unily installation is on premises can I still integrate Yammer and other Microsoft technologies?
Yes, if your Unily installation is On-premises, you can still integrate with Yammer and other Microsoft technologies that run in the cloud. For more information please get in touch.
How long does it take to implement Unily?
A vanilla Unily implementation takes roughly 4 weeks, ensuring that your internal teams meet the necessary deadlines. For more information get in touch.
If I don’t currently have SharePoint or Office 365 can the Unily team help?
If you don’t currently have SharePoint or Office 365, but would like an amazing Unily intranet that integrates with the platforms, we can help assess your needs and connect you with the best team at Microsoft to ensure a smooth on-boarding. If you are not planning to acquire Office 365, then Unily can still be deployed. For more details on how we can help please get in touch.
Can the Unily team support additional unique requirements of my business?
Yes, our consultants are available to help with your specialized needs throughout the entire engagement, including post-deployment. This could range from additional post-deployment consulting, assisting with data analytics, growing internal adoption more rapidly, to more on-boarding time or help with the Office 365 platform. These services would be an additional investment beyond your monthly subscription pricing. For more information on increased consultation please get in touch.
Most of our users aren’t technical. How can Unily help them?
Unily was created to cater to non-technical employees. Requiring no previous SharePoint knowledge to use or manage, Unily's user experience is inspired by the technology we use day to day at home. As such, all experiences are intuitive, engaging and designed to the highest degree to drive engagement and adoption. For content editors and intranet managers, Unily's unique Content Management System makes publishing a breeze, with no technical skills necessary. For more information please get in touch.
Can you provide a proof of concept?

Yes, it is possible for us to provide a Proof of Concept. For more information, please get in touch.

What is the Unily Hub and Engage on-boarding process?

Customer Success with Unily starts at the beginning, during the on-boarding process. In a traditional project environment this can take between 3 - 9 months, but with Unily you can expect to be up and running in a few short weeks. Our Customer Success consultants will help you prepare your environment, look at your information architecture, prepare custom branding designs, create unique content strategies, detail any customizations you might need, and train intranet managers and content publishers.

These comprehensive exercises ensure that the launch of your new Unily platform is a smooth process with no unexpected surprises. For more information please get in touch.

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