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With rapidly increasing volumes of digital documents in organizations, having an effective internal document management system is now an essential. A Unily Hub intranet utilizes leading document management functionality from SharePoint Online and Office 365 and combines it with leading user experiences to drive usability, speed and adoption. 

Unily’s Intranet Document Management across Responsive Devices

A complete digital workplace solution, Unily provides a single point of upload for documents that can then be stored where you chose in your intranet. It allows for multiple files to be uploaded with shared meta data for even higher efficiency. Finding documents is easy through the powerful refining search, (including a unified search in hybrid environments) or browsing within workspaces. Compliance and legal aspects are fully supported through powerful version control and users will love the ease and simplicity of having their own configurable, popular documents area.

Reducing wasted staff time through better document management is a must for any intranet, which is why we have put together such a powerful tool-set within Unily Hub.

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Powerful & Intuitive Intranet Document Search

Unily Hub makes finding information and files easier through intuitive browsing and refining search functionality, supported by intelligent tagging and indexing. Search for documents by Author, Location, Document Type, Title, Content and more, intuitively refining as you search. Users find what they need faster, saving time and duplication of effort and all within an easy-to-use interface. Employees can always access documents wherever they are, whatever device they are on, via native mobile apps as well as a responsive main browser interface.

Document Collaboration and OneDrive Integration

The speed and simplicity of Unily Hub's intranet document management is not at the expense of control. Legal and compliance needs are met with controlled versions, ensuring there is only ‘one version of the truth’. Best practice and brand uniformity is supported with the ability to have document templates that can be edited directly in the browser making it easy for staff to always work from the same versions. With Office 365’s capabilities at the heart of document editing and Microsoft OneDrive for Business providing enterprise quality Cloud storage, Unily Hub gives your staff the best possible intranet document management and use capabilities.

SharePoint Document Management Foundation

Built upon the existing powerful SharePoint Online document management tool-set and Office 365, Unily Hub takes document management to a greater level. User adoption of document practices is made easier through simplifying processes without losing power. Users can upload documents from the Documents Homepage using drag and drop functionality, making it easier and faster to get documents into the right places. Multiple document uploads and simultaneous meta tagging greatly speeds up the process of including large numbers of files, again helping users to adhere to your best practices.

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