How an intranet is useful in an organization

For those businesses looking to radically improve how they function internally, intranet software is the way to go. It is the Swiss Army Knife of office productivity, helping with communications; collaboration; organization; creating, editing and storing documents; time management; and so on.

Transforming internal communications and collaboration

Workers perform best when they are able to collaborate with each other: it promotes brainstorming, problem-solving, critical thinking and learning while pooling talent and speeding up projects. Unfortunately, physically meeting with colleagues in the real world to tackle projects collaboratively is often a luxury – staff are rarely free at the same time or they are separated by huge distances. An intranet solution with the latest communication and collaboration technology allows specific individuals and teams to work together remotely as if they were in the same room.

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How to fuel a positive culture for remote workers

Even under normal working conditions, cultivating a positive culture is both a challenge and a priority. Remote work can add an additional layer of complexity because it’s more difficult for dispersed workforces to unite under one vision. Paired with proper strategy and open lines of communication, the right set of digital tools can fuel a positive culture that boosts employee satisfaction and encourages every user to reach peak performance.

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Streamlining functionality of applications and processes

Creating order in the workplace is key for improving productivity and avoiding costly mistakes. Staff can have the applications, documents, and contacts they use most regularly along with notifications and messages available on an integrated, fully-branded user interface. For example, a Unily intranet solution integrates with Office 365, including SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, Yammer, OneDrive for Business and Delve. 

The best intranets also provide the ability for the effective storing, ordering, searching and accessing of documents, taking into account version history and containing information about who has edited what and when.

Reinforcing brand identity with staff

An intranet can aesthetically be designed and branded to look as unique as an organization’s customer facing website. This can really help to reinforce brand identity with staff. For larger organizations, the look of the intranet combined with communications from managers, other departments and colleagues can really lend to a greater sense of belonging to staff geographically spread far apart.

Improving all-round productivity

Staff that are able to effectively work in teams, share knowledge, communicate with those they need to, and don’t have to waste time looking for resources they need to do their jobs, work more efficiently. This improves productivity as well as giving employees a sense of worth and job satisfaction.

There are fewer improvements that can impact a business more positively than a quality intranet. For real-life examples of how a Unily intranet has changed businesses for the better, take a look at our case studies


National Grid demo a living, breathing intranet at Gartner summit

GRID:Home is empowering more than 20k people to work in new, more efficient and collaborative ways - saving the equivalent of 140 days across the business weekly. Discover how a major energy company is empowering its people with an audience-focused intranet.

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