Intranet Basics. We've got the answers.

Welcome to the Intranet Basics section, our essential guide to everything you need to know about intranets. From what actually is an intranet, to the technology that makes them work, and the key benefits of using them, this section delves into all aspects of this innovative technology and explains how intranets are used in modern organizations. In addition to this, we’ll also examine the difference between intranets and other technology such as email, extranets and Wiki’s, and take a look at how they can work in conjunction with each other.

Intranet Explained

The evolution of cloud technology has led to a proliferation of intranet usage as they can now be easily accessed by permitted users anywhere with an internet connection. We’ll look at how super-fast speeds combined with greater bandwidths has meant that these connections are able to handle the increasing sophistication of intranet solutions and how organizations of all sizes are benefiting from the improvements in communication and ease of collaboration made possible by these systems.

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