Creating world-class enterprise employee experience

Discover what it takes to deliver world-class enterprise employee experience for the largest and most diverse global workforces. In this webinar with Forrester Principal Analyst Cheryl McKinnon, we examine how technology is shaping the modern employee experience, supported by real-life examples from enterprises leading the way.

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Shaping the modern employee experience with a digital HQ

What does it take to create world-class enterprise employee experience in today's workplace? We've invited guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Cheryl McKinnon to share key insights from her research on how technology is shaping the modern employee experience, and how enterprises can optimize their digital toolset to support employees into the future of work.

More than a year after the world's largest work from home experiment began, the results are in. While telecommuting has had a positive impact on productivity, serious employee experience gaps have emerged. Engagement levels dropped 16% during 2020 and nearly half of all managers don't feel confident leading their teams virtually.

With experts predicting a 300% rise in remote work in the post-pandemic age, these challenges are here to stay. Consequently, digital touchpoints have now replaced the traditional corporate campus as the primary way to unite teams and enhance employee experience.

On the agenda:

  • Core enterprise employee experience challenges in the new world of work
  • How is technology shaping the future of employee experience?
  • Enterprise agility and futureproofing the employee experience with adaptable technology
  • The rise and role of the modern enterprise intranet
  • Real-life examples to inspire your own employee experience digital transformation

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar is for Internal Communications, HR, IT, and anyone interested in learning about the power of technology to shape employee experience. Expect insights on how the world's largest enterprises are transforming employee experience for the future of work, as well as access to the latest Forrester trend research.

Meet your speakers

Cheryl McKinnon - Principal Analyst at Forrester

Cheryl McKinnon is a principal analyst serving enterprise architecture professionals; she helps them support their firm's need for content and collaboration technology capabilities in the age of the customer. Cheryl delivers research and advisory services in areas including enterprise content management (ECM), content archiving, enterprise file sync and share, document-centric collaboration, life-cycle management, information governance, and file analytics.

Forrester is a research and advisory company that helps business and technology leaders use customer obsession to accelerate growth. Customer obsession is the foundation of Forrester's research and strategy because in this era of empowered customers, Forrester believes it's the only path to growth.

Matthew Boyd - Product Evangelist at Unily

Veteran webinar host and digital experience expert, Matthew Boyd, will be your session host. Matthew has a decade of experience working with the world's largest enterprises to solve communications challenges and bring their employee experience visions to life. Now working within the product marketing team, Matthew works to develop new product features that ensure Unily's roadmap innovates to meet the needs of employees and their enterprises. 

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