Wiggle's Unily intranet shortlisted in Retail Week's Customer Experience awards

We’re delighted to be shortlisted with UK sport retailer Wiggle in this year’s Retail Week Customer Experience Awards!

Working together with Wiggle, their Unily intranet has been shortlisted for Best Use of Staff Engagement in Delivering Customer Experience.

When Wiggle first came to us, they had an outdated internal site built on WordPress stagnating communication and hindering collaboration. As a rapidly expanding company, Wiggle knew the best way to support their staff was with a unified intranet platform that could communicate the shared brand values and company success and act as a digital location for collaborative working.

Supporting staff in 70 countries, speaking ten different languages, it would need to act as a way to connect employees with one another and help them engage in wider business initiatives. The solution would also need to act as a central digital location for collaborative working and documents storage, allowing staff to work together on projects and between teams. For Wiggle, attention to detail, design and aesthetic value are all fundamental to their business and they needed a channel that reflected this internally.

"Operating in retail, attention to design, detail and aesthetic value is fundamental to our business and we wanted our new intranet to really reflect this.” – Panos Mitsikis, SharePoint Developer, Wiggle

Wiggle opted to partner with BrightStarr, an award-winning SharePoint consultancy, to implement their innovative Intranet as a Service product built on top of Microsoft Azure and Office 365. This enabled Wiggle to rapidly implement a digital workplace solution that unifies the comprehensive productivity functionality of Office 365, alongside SharePoint Online, Yammer, One Drive for Business and Skype for Business in a single enterprise scale portal.

A front and center dynamic smart feed on the homepage and Stories page of the intranet has marked a step change in the way internal communications and information is being made relevant to users. Intranet managers can target which information is most relevant to particular groups of employees, additionally users are empowered to manage this personalized content by choosing topics they’re interested in reading about in a couple of clicks. The intranet’s multi-lingual capabilities ensure that all employees feel connected to communications, despite their location or language preference.

Document and video rollups surface additional collaborative content and rich media with Unily’s corporate calendar acting as the perfect location to highlight the numerous events that Wiggle sponsors and takes part in across the world. Unily’s unique Content Management System that requires no previous SharePoint knowledge, has enabled Internal Communications and HR teams to own the intranet, rather than needing to rely on the IT department to push out key messaging.

Gone are the old templates for communicating IT issues within the organization that were challenging to manage and often led to confusion. These have been replaced with request specific templates that ask the important info, and no more. This new way of raising tickets has had very positive feedback and made what once a painful process, easy and more streamlined to ensure issues are solved quicker.

“Unily has enabled Wiggle to collaborate across the business, at a project level as well as an organizational level. Unily has proven to be intuitive for users, and with the ability to customize as relevant, we‘ve been able to use the tool effectively and look at ways to further enhance the use of Unily within Wiggle” – Rebecca White, Head of Delivery, Wiggle

With employees supporting thousands of customers across the globe, the new people directory enabled colleagues to find each other quickly and start collaborating in multiple languages. The addition of a cutting edge document management solution and Yammer integration throughout meant once they found each other, they could start collaborating without barriers on new digital team and project sites and come together for the best possible solution for the customers. Native mobile apps mean staff can engage and have targeted discussions about business and their active lifestyles anywhere and anytime.

Wiggle’s prolific customer-facing social media presence and successful stand-alone sports blog became a focal point of their new intranet, in the form of a seamlessly integrated social hub. With posts drawn in from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more, Wiggle’s employees are reminded of their customer centric ethos, as well as having a view of all the latest content the company has shared.

Supported by our customer success program, technical support and a customer-led roadmap of new features, Unily supports Wiggle’s ongoing growth and capitalizes on new cloud efficiencies. All of this in combination with the intranet’s exceptional consumer-level user experiences and that are designed to drive adoption, has delivered a highly functional and deeply engaging digital workplace platform, supporting Wiggle in their shift towards new collaborative and more productive ways of working.

Wiggle’s employees are now driving cross functional communication and collaboration, which is resulting in faster and better consumer experiences. Their HR department have acted as significant champions of the solution and instantly got to grips with the idea of working more collaboratively. The growth of the platform has continued in new and exciting ways with better lines of communication and collaboration now established between customer services and buying and purchasing departments. The customer services department can now make faster and more calculated decisions therefore providing the best customer experience to the customer.  Wiggle is now able to directly collaborate between departments, enhancing customer support and enabling employees to provide the best possible recommendations and directly solve issues with suppliers and partners.

View the full 2016 shortlist for the awards and wish good luck to the Wiggle/Unily team! The winner will be announced the Awards on June 23rd in London.

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