Unily wins Ragan Employee Communications Awards with Trivallis and Celanese

Unily and its clients have a lot to celebrate in 2020, with both Trivallis and Celanese earning top honors at Ragan's Employee Communications Awards.

Ragan Awards: The gold standard in employee communication

Ragan, the thought leaders in corporate communications, hosts its annual Employee Communications Awards to spotlight the most noteworthy developments in the field of internal comms.

Unily projects have a track record for success at the Ragan Awards, with clients such as Micron, Ellie Mae, and The Specialist Works all receiving top honors in years past. 

That winning streak continues in 2020, with Unily collaborations earning two awards plus several honorable mentions. Partnerships with Celanese and Trivallis grabbed top honors alongside major brands, including Coca-Cola, Sony Playstation, and Paypal.

Winner: Trivallis and Unily earn gold for employee engagement

When they first came to Unily, Trivallis sought a centralized hub that could be easily accessed by employees across the globe. Hive, Trivallis' new digital workplace, connects their entire organization with a mobile app, improved communications channels, and sites dedicated to mental health and wellbeing.


Trivallis' Hive homepage available across any device


The digital hub has transformed the day-to-day lives of employees and united their dispersed workforce. It has measurably improved employee experience, leading to consistently higher engagement scores across the organization. Hive has also won Trivallis and Unily the Wellbeing Award at this year's Employee Engagement Awards.

In its first three months, Hive attracted 86% of the company's staff to generate more than 27,500 user sessions - an impressive feat for a predominantly remote workforce. The new platform led to an 11% staff turnover reduction, a 27% decline in long-term absences, and doubled attendance to staff events. 


Vitallis put employee wellbeing at the forefront of Hive


You can read the full story about Hive and Trivallis' unique approach to employee wellbeing here

Winner: Celanese's award-winning launch of their Unily intranet

Previously, Celanese relied on a SharePoint 2007 system that was difficult to navigate and only accessible via desktop.

Jump forward to 2020, and Celanese's new platform, ONE, has claimed champion status in Ragan's Intranet Launch/Relaunch category. But how was this transformation achieved?


Celanese 's ONE available on all devices


Staff surveys revealed what Celanese employees wanted most: mobile access, improved search functions, social networking features, and multilingual capabilities.

Partnering with Unily, Celanese worked tirelessly for four months to migrate content, establish processes and governance, and ready the new platform for launch. When Celanese unveiled ONE to its workforce, it was met with high adoption and stratospheric engagement. Employees embraced the new intranet with 11,000 resource link clicks in one month alone, along with 300,000 desktop views and 7,000 mobile views.

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Honorable Mentions

As well as netting two trophies, other Unily client projects received honorable mentions, including:

  • Best Overall Intranet – Kantar with Unily: The Source
  • Best Intranet Design – Celanese with Unily: ONE
  • Best Intranet Design – Kantar with Unily: The Source
  • Best Wellness Program – Trivallis with Unily: Hive & Vitallis 

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