Unily takes enterprise social to the next level

Unily has always been ‘social first’, with the right tools to help employees be heard, take part and get involved. Initially, Microsoft’s Yammer was Unily’s main social channel, bringing real-time conversation into the heart of the intranet, giving people a way to start discussions and share ideas from any device. In 2016, Unily launched its own social channel – Unily Social. Unily Social offers an alternative for organizations who want to use enterprise social networking tools to engage their entire workforce, from head office to front-line, regardless of whether they have an Office 365 license and the ability to use Yammer.

Since Unily Social’s inception, its success has boomed, with a number of Unily customers choosing the platform for its accessibility, usability, custom reaction capability and more. We’re always getting invaluable feedback from customers on what they’d like to see on the channel and how it can help them drive better engagement. As such, we’re delighted to announce some big advancements to Unily Social.

New features include:

Social searching - You can now search for keywords, hashtags, channels and people from a centralized search. This improves the findability of content and adds another layer of value when using hashtags as a folksonomy to categorize and review content around a particular campaign. 


Unily Social channel search on iPad


Top topics - Review the trending keywords and hashtags across each of your social channels to get an instant idea of what’s hot. Click into these topics to filter all conversations.

Private channels - Set channels as Private and enable employees to request access to the channel. This makes Unily Social a much more viable and secure place for managing project specific or confidential conversations. Member access and approval can now be managed within the Content section of the Content Management System with admins notified of access requests through push notifications.


Unily Social access requests in intranet cms


Secret channels - Channels can also be set as ‘secret’ so they’re not discoverable when searching and employees are not able to request access. This is a benefit in terms of governance, as well as just privacy, cutting down the number of channels that employees can search through if they’re only relevant to a particular subset.

Improved UX for channels - An improved user experience makes the process of swapping between and discovering channels easier. An intelligent algorithm sorts the order of suggested channels based on audience targeting, to ensure the most relevant channels are brought to employees’ attention.


Unily Social channels on iPad


Simpler channel creation - It’s now possible to create Channels in different areas of the CMS, decentralising management and allowing users across the intranet to take ownership of channels for their particular teams, if given the right permissions. It will also be possible to create channels within the front-end of the intranet.

Unily’s new modern social user interface is also reflected on the mobile app allowing employees to quickly join the conversation and discover new channels whilst on the go.


Unily Social on mobile screens


Big picture benefits:

These enhancements deliver some serious benefits for your workforce including:

Greater visibility with the ability to search across all social channels using keywords for people, content and topics.

Improved governance with a simpler way to manage channels within the CMS and more control over who can create channels and where.

More engagement with improved hashtagging and an improved UX, making Unily Social an ideal place to track and collate conversations around a particular campaign.

Easier knowledge sharing with channels suggested to employees based on their location, role and interests.

Incentivizing networking with Top Members highlighted on each channel. These top contributors can be easily awarded through Unily, using features such as Badges and Kudos points (coming soon!). You have more ways than ever to recognize individuals across the intranet.

We are delighted to be able to bring you this brand new functionality, which demonstrates our commitment to evolving and improving social networking capabilities across Unily. We hope these updates will make your intranet more engaging for every employee.

If you’re not a Unily customer, and you’d like to arrange a demo to see the new Unily Social functionality in action, contact us today.

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